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Life sucks then you die, all names cheanged to protect the parties involved

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  • Life sucks then you die, all names cheanged to protect the parties involved

    mri monday
    doctors yesterday..
    waiting on work H.R. dept to call with where __ be transferred to..
    to say ___ bored would be an understatement..
    doctor yesterday asked if __ had headaches.. yup.. and they are bad when __ get fed up with being bored and try to do even something basic like run some romex in the stereo cabinet and switches. he's like you are supposed to rest your brain , not work it..___ like pissa.. ,and said we can give you med's for the headaches, __said the neurologist already did.. Doc asked what it is, then asked if __ was using them.. __ said not really, used 3 so far.. as __ don't like taking pills.. ofcourse doc's like they don't work when you don't use them.. so fine __ using them.. and they help a little. but make me tired and just want to sleep..
    bonus, is once moved closer to home.. ___ loose more weight as __'ll be walking home most days or riding a bike.. (if the snow stops and spring f'n gets here) . wife will drive__ to work as the headlights will blind __ if on a bike.. walking __ can look down.. at least 6 months of this.. per the RMV rules on syncope (passing out) and even tho.. this was just bouncing my head off the pavement. and not passing out.. __ history of random passing out before they found that problem that was causing that.. the neurologist can't(won't) go on record that it was just ___ slipping on snow/ice and whacking __ head.. and that sucks.. but __ understand his reasons the liability of him going on __ word and not __ medical history.. would not be wise in todays sue happy world.
    So.. other than being bored waiting on the recovery of the concussion and the rules of the DMV, and the liability of chancing driving..
    THE power tour is out YET again unless __ can work out hitching a ride as someone's wingman or 3rd wheel
    My friend can legally drive.. but the liability if he am the cause of a wreck is to high.. to drive anymore than he have to.. and.. that just sucks..
    go 6 months without any "reported" syncope , and home free..
    by the letter of the rmv rules. he supposed to voluntarily turn un his lic. for 6 months.. but the kicker is.. if he does that.. in 6 months when he goes to get it reinstated, get to pay the rmv 100.oo then take a written test (permit test) for 75.oo to get it back.. AND BONUS the lic.reinstatement is a surcharge able "event" so --- get to pay hundreds more for 7 years for doing the right thing.. so do the letter of the rmv rules and pay 1500-2000+ in 7 years.. or just not drive for the 6 months and no lic. points added , no surcharges for 7 years. file this under no good deed goes unpunished...........
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    That sucks ... your health and well being is what counts most. There's always DW .... that's about 6 months out.
    Whiskey for my men ... and beer for their horses!


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      ya.. I guess.. drag week might be fun.. but I'd not have a car worth entering.. at the moment..
      I'll still hit the local shows cruises.. but I really really wanted to do this this year.. and why I sidestepped the 489bbc and bought the 350 vortec crate for my truck.. better chance of gett'n er done.. as I've been on try'n to go since 2012.. and the year they did the east coast..

      such is life...
      2015 baby.. come hell or death bed..


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        Sorry to hear Mark - stay tough man.
        Phil / Omaha