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  • Power Tour Info for First Timers

    2015 Hot Rod Power Tour
    June 6 Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin
    June 7 Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois
    June 8 Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois (St. Louis)
    June 9 Memphis International Raceway, Memphis, Tennessee
    June 10 Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover / Birmingham, Alabama
    June 11 -Centennial Plaza, Gulfport, Mississippi
    June 12 Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    June 13 Lamar Dixon Expo Center Long Haulers Awards

    The first things to do are to;

    1) Review this information; Registration & FAQ
    2) Register for the Tour.
    3) Make your hotel reservations.

    ... after that, ask specific questions because there is too much to type all at once. There are lots of friendly, helpful people here, who have a wealth of experience that they are willing to share.

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    Am I allowed to tow a SMALL trailer and bring it on the
    venue places... my ride doesnt have much space at all
    and I like to bring some tools and such


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      I know the guys with Prowlers brought one
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        Originally posted by MR P-BODY View Post
        Am I allowed to tow a SMALL trailer and bring it on the venue places.
        Spoken like a true Drag Week warrior ... this event is more relaxed and flexible.


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          Originally posted by MR P-BODY View Post
          Am I allowed to tow a SMALL trailer and bring it on the
          venue places... my ride doesnt have much space at all
          and I like to bring some tools and such
          Yes, you can bring a trailer. You will see many of them. If you are a LongHauler, parking isn't an'll be out in far left field with the rest of us! The locals show up early and fill the place up.....we straggle in later in the day and park on the fringes. Just part of the deal. You can leave earlier in the day and kamikaze if you want, so it's up to you.
          BTW, you'll find the same roadside camaraderie as on D/W......everybody is eager to pitch in if you have mechanical issues.
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            We travel in a '68 Camaro Convertible and we pull a trailer. AND my wife loads it up.

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              Good to know its not a issue
              Attached Files


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                Yes the trailers are welcome as long as it doesn't have the vehicle on it! Lol...
                Retirement is better than I thought!


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                  Originally posted by Andy4639 View Post
                  Yes the trailers are welcome as long as it doesn't have the vehicle on it! Lol...
                  Thats not gonna happen... LOL... the enclosed box is 40" long..
                  I built it with a slide out so it was easier to get at stuff at the front..
                  the over all length of it is just shorter than the height of my big
                  enclosed trailer, so I can stand it up in there and strap it to the wall


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                    I will be in the 71 Chevy red lwb C-10 again. I hope I will have enough room for my daughters clothes in the back! I told her to pack light and only on suit case, Ha like that will happen.
                    Hopefully we will meet up and get to checkout eaches ride.

                    Retirement is better than I thought!


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                      Some ideas regarding tools, spare parts and safety equipment (if anyone notices anything missing, please post it).

                      It's a given that you will ensure you have the following;
                      - Valid drivers license (for every driver).
                      - Vehicle documentation (Registration & Insurance)
                      - Health Insurance documentation
                      - Documentation for the Power Tour; (copies of current valid; Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance)
                      - Hotel Information (addresses, telephone numbers, reservation confirmation numbers, maps/directions to hotels and venue)
                      - Maps (from home to first venue, Power Tour route, then back home again)
                      - Money and credit cards
                      - Rolls of nickels, dimes, and quarters for the toll roads.
                      - Address / contact book
                      - Business cards (with contact info, screen name, real name, and car description).

                      - Working jack (with all parts)
                      - basic mechanical tools (wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers)
                      - knife / cutter
                      - hammer (dont laugh)
                      - flashlight
                      - tape (electrical, duct)
                      - 4-foot length of 2x4 (again, dont laugh)
                      - electric tire air pump
                      - tire plugs (fix a flat cans if you are so inclined)
                      - extra lug key for the wheel locks (in case the first one gets misplaced)
                      - jumper cables or jumper box (battery charger)
                      - RTV type sealer
                      - work or latex gloves
                      - hand wipes / rags or hand cleaner
                      - Card-board (creeper to lay on the ground to work on your car)
                      - Water faucet key

                      Spare Parts:
                      - spare tire (inflated with good tread, full size if possible)
                      - new wipers and / or Rain-X
                      - engine belts (or a 3x5 card with the lengths of all your fanbelts. there are too many autozone/advance type places to justify carrying them, just know what you need, because they won't)
                      - liquids (i.e. anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission, power steering, etc)
                      - light bulbs (headlight, taillight, brake & indicators)
                      - distributor cap, rotor, points and condenser
                      - spark plugs
                      - fuses
                      - flasher can
                      - special order items (radiator hoses, 100 amp alternator, etc.)
                      - hose repair kit (bulk hoses, clamps and couplers - various sizes)
                      - ignition coil or module
                      - electric fuel pump
                      - EFI - common failing but hard to get sensors and components; coil, module, cam sensor, and MAF
                      - extra car key (with someone other than you).

                      Safety Equipment:
                      - flares or warning signs
                      - First Aid kit
                      - fire extinguisher
                      - Tow rope
                      - cell phone and charger
                      - handheld radio (walkie talkie)
                      - emergency telephone numbers
                      - GPS systems (for the hi-tech)
                      - Radar detector (know the laws, each state differs)

                      - Clothes (don't over-pack, get some on tour) Long Pants, Short Pants, Shirts, Underware, Socks, Shoes/Sandels, Light Jacket, belt, Hat, shower kit,
                      - Prescriptions
                      - Cell phone (don't forget the charger also listed in Safety)
                      - Music (radio, tapes, CD's, etc.)
                      - Clip board for driving instructions
                      - Gallon or two of water
                      - Cleaning supplies & bucket (eg bug remover you know what you need)
                      - Sun glasses
                      - Sun screen
                      - Still or video camera (extra film, cds, sticks, etc.)
                      - Good folding chair (one per person)
                      - Blankets / Sleeping bags
                      - Cooler (with wheels and drain plug, makes a great seat, card playing table, or lunch table, stocked with ice, water, sodas, food, etc.)
                      - Umbrella (larger golf type, non-metal handle preferred)
                      - 10x10 Folding Canopy
                      - Large and small zip lock bags
                      - Poster tube (to keep posters and other hand-outs from getting crushed or wrinkled)

                      Obviously, this is too much stuff for the average car to carry, so split it up between others, if you are traveling in a group. Otherwise, prioritize the best you can. And remember, when you pass someone pulled over, stop and see if they need any help. I remember laughing at a story a veteran Long Hauler told me, "I pulled over to have a pee, and twenty other cars stopped to help. Most of them also had a pee, while they were there".

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                        Thanks a ton... now I know I need my trailer..LOL..
                        you did give me ideas with that list that I wouldnt
                        have thought of


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                          That's the idea ... this list has been under development since 2008, using Long Hauler experience.


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                            Also remember to print a copy of the BS phone list to carry with you. Someone will usually put that together in early or mid May & send via e-mail. Watch for details as the time draws closer.
                            Hauling ass & sucking gas are the best uses for a truck.


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                              A few things I like to add.....if you have an older spare cell phone....bring it just in case something happens.......last time in Birmingham on the Power Tour I got out but had phone on the lap...I dropped it on the pavement the screen went blank.....had a back up in the luggage needless to say I was bummed but wasnt put out.........also in Little Rock that same year I broke an rocker arm on 400 sbc motor(just a stock one) you wouldnt believe how many auto parts stores in the area didnt have it in stock ....they carried it but the on hand was always zero.......sometimes common popular parts aren't there because of the multiple use application of said part...............

                              ......also in the car magazines Harbor Freight has coupons for "moving blankets" there are cheap in cost but are valuable when having to do work on a broken down vehicle on hot pavement, dirt, or wet ground.....I usually buy 3 and end giving away 1 or 2 to fellow Power Tourers when in need.......
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