We may know one another, but I cannot tell from your avatar. I am Jim Ireland and live on Kent Island (410-490-6631).

I am redoing an engine turned panel for a Studebaker Hawk dash that I am going to be putting in my '53 Studebaker. The person who made a panel for me screwed up the raised bead around the edge, so I am going to try doing it myself. I laid out the panel in CAD and will have the cutout made from 22 Ga. polished stainless by a water-jet service in Denton, MD. I have 1/2" Cratex rods to do the engine turning either on my drill press or a friend's mill.

I have a bead roller (HF) which I have modified and can use that same friend's lathe to make or modify roller dies. The dege bead is 3/32" outside radius, so I figured I can make a rounded edge disc for the upper die and am trying to figure what is best for a bottom die and edge guide.

Can you give me a call, introduce one another and maybe give me some tips?

Where are you located and is metal forming your business or are you just a hobbiest like me?


Jim Ireland, AKA Irish Jr.