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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Car Has The Best Sounding Factory Exhaust?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Car Has The Best Sounding Factory Exhaust?

Like the hood scoop question from a while back, opinions on what exhaust “should” sound like is all over the map. There are those that lust after the sound of a Camaro with chambered exhaust (as shown below) or those that freaking love the mechanical tunes produced by a Cobra with side pipes, still more seem to go into a trance when a Hemi Road Runner rolls by. Old school Jaguar XKs have a scream all of their own and the world is pretty well divided over their thoughts on the Dodge Viper’s unique ten cylinder tones.

Factory cars today sound lots different than the stuff back in the day due to a lot of factors including catalytic converters, the roller cam profiles in their engines, factory superchargers, and any number of modern voodoo magic tricks now employed by the factories. Are they better or worse sounding? Tough to say. A modern Boss 302 still makes the hair stand up on our necks, that is for sure. Your turn now. Answer the question below!






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15 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Car Has The Best Sounding Factory Exhaust?

  1. Gary

    Big block mopars. I worked at a little chopper shop in Tulsa a long time ago. The resident outlaw biker that turned wrenches there told me one day as I was leaving, and had just fired up my ’67 440 GTX, “I love the sound of those big Mopars. They sound like a whole heard of Harleys”. (I later put a 413 in his ’54 Ford truck.

  2. Ted Guth

    I don’t know which car makes the ‘best’ sound, but the trophy for the worst sounding car(s) is the distinctive and annoying “underwater gurgle” that the engineers at Pontiac inflicted on the general public for decades!

  3. David Sanborn

    I’ll chip in for the 4 cylinder crowd: our Fiat 500 Abarth has the best note around, literally comes from the factory without a muffler as the technical boffins deemed the turbo sufficient muffling.

    My wife told me she was leaving yoga and heard an Abarth start up in the parking lot – but it turned out to be a McLaren. Oh well …

  4. Scott Liggett

    The race version of the 65-66 Shelby mustangs with their practically non-existent side exit exhaust always sounded great. As well, those side exit pipes on the AAR Cudas with the 340’s at full scream.

  5. Kent D Pascoe

    I have a new Scat Pack Charger and it sounds pretty sweet for a new car. Better that my 2019 Grand Sport Corvette. The Corvette uses a x pipe and the Charger has no H or X pipe.

  6. Chance Reh

    The new 5.2 voodoo engine in the 2016-Current Shelby mustangs sounds pretty gnarly, and that’s coming from someone who’s more faithful to a bowtie than an oval. But its hard to go wrong with a 8000 RPM flat plane crank V8.

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