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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Has Been Stolen From You?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Has Been Stolen From You?

Thieves suck. Plain and simple, those who would rather steal from others instead of getting their own share deserve nothing more than scorn, ridicule and punishment. Not sorry in the least. Too many times we’ve seen good people have their hard work ripped off by somebody looking for an easy way, and the end of the story is usually a bad one. We hate to see it. Every time we hear of another car stolen, another garage broken into, another shipment snatched off of the front porch, it just burns us up. Whatever happened to “keep your hands to yourself” and “if it’s not yours, don’t touch it?” Those lessons were taught to me, embedded into my head, and in one notable incident from my grade school days, beat into me when I didn’t get it through my thick head.

While I’m sure some of my “missing” tools wound up in other tool boxes over the years, the only car I can outright say was stolen from me was a 1993 Ford Aerostar that I had been given after it had been stolen the first time. (You can read about the story of the Pedovan HERE.) I’ve had other implements lifted from my possession over the years, including some parts off of one car in particular that I had been saving, but far and away the Aerostar was the big one.

Seems I’m not the only one who has some desirable garbage get raided. The donor Holden that Scotty has been raiding for his Berlina V6 project has been raided by others, it seems. Nothing warms your heart quite like finding that the parts car you were working with has been worked over by the local idiots with crowbars and half an ounce of grey matter functioning in any way, shape or form, does it?

Ever had things just disappear? Let’s hear the story.

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4 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Has Been Stolen From You?

  1. Dan

    I had someone walk off with my push mower after I went inside to take a break and left the side gate open (St. Louis, MO) Mower wasn’t that big of a deal, but it had a zoomie exhaust I had made for it that was nice enough that quite a few people didn’t believe I made it myself. I was pissed about that part.
    I also had a 1985 Caprice coupe stolen from right in front of my house in broad daylight. I bought it in 2003 with 28,000 miles on it – original everything down to the belts and plugs.It was stolen in 2006 and neither the mower, nor the sweet Caprice were even seen again.

  2. Piston Pete

    The whole story (this ain’t it) is long(er), but in October of 1978 the generator was stolen off my 1978 Sportster XLCH at a construction site parking lot near Alvin, TX.
    I had arrived in Houston 3 weeks earlier from Indy and on the ride down the 2 into 1 exhaust collector had fallen off and was then intentionally run over by a trucker who must have caught his old lady bonin’ a biker, cause he went 5 feet off course to hit it and it was smashed flat.
    I eased on to Houston, fearing for my exhaust valves all the way, made it to an H-D shop on the NORTH side, bought a set of drag pipes and installed them in the parking lot. While there I met a guy about my age riding a ’76 Super Glide. He mentioned that he was storing a ’78 Sporty XLH for a friend who was out of town for awhile. Huh. He hung with me while I installed the pipes and then we went our separate ways.
    So now it’s Friday, 4 pm, 3 weeks later. I’ve got a job with Brown and Root, the world’s largest construction company (now Haliburton), a rented one room kitchenette cabin behind a honky tonk in Alvin and a full paycheck. I’m ready to get cleaned up, burn one, chug a few Lone Stars and see about gettin’ me some Texas lovin’. YEAH!
    I pull outta the job site parking lot, roll it on til I hit 4th gear, throw my left leg up on the road peg and feel some hard air blowing an oil spot on my jeans, pooof -pooof- pooof. I look down and the generator’s gone! I turned off the headlight and made it back to town, totally bummed, knowing I gotta save my party money to buy a new generator. The bike is kick start only and I figure with an Indiana plate and license I can plead ignorance of Texas’ lights-on law if need be and still have enough juice to power the coil and brake light without having to recharge before I get to the H-D shop on the SOUTH side of Houston.
    Saturday morning I’m there getting the expected bad news that a new generator is over $200, when who should pull up but the 1 person I know within 1,000 miles. Yep, the dude I’d met 3 weeks ago, 45 miles away at the H-D shop on the NORTH side of Houston.
    I tell him my tale of woe and he reminds me of the ’78 Sportster in his garage. Turns out his buddy owes him $50 and if I can wait long enough for him to go watch his kid play pee-wee football we can go to his house and I can have the genny off the bud’s Sporty for the $50 the guy owes him. Deal. I went to the game with him, we go to his place, have some refreshments, charge up my battery, wire on some new terminals, install the generator, flash it and I’m back in Alvin before dark with enough money left over for a few Lone Stars and gas money back to Indy before the creep who stole my generator comes back for the whole bike. F#@k a buncha Texas.
    Ain’t life funny?

  3. Dodgzilla

    Had a complete Dana 60 front axle stolen from under the front of my truck while it was parked next to my house that had a 6 lane road in front of it. I hate thieves!!!


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