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BangShift Question Of The Day: Which State Is Most Racing Centric?

BangShift Question Of The Day: Which State Is Most Racing Centric?

This question actually comes from Brian, who is driving back home to Boston from the ECTA event in Wilmington this weekend, because as he traveled through Ohio and Pennsylvania he was blown away by the number of race transporters he was seeing on the highway. Not only was he seeing all the ECTA racers on their way home, but also NHRA Pros who raced at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk, INDYCAR guys who raced at Pocono, and NTPA Tractor Pullers who raced in London Ohio. The highways of Ohio and Pennsylvania were virtually saturated with race rigs of all kinds.

And since Brian himself can only stand his singing for so long, his mind started to wander. That is normally really really dangerous, but in this instance it was productive, and resulted in this BangShift Question of the Day.

So…Which State is the most race centric? We don’t care if it’s based on team locations, events, or what, but you make the call. Tell us what you think and why.

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5 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: Which State Is Most Racing Centric?

  1. CharlesW

    my guess would be Indiana – you have the Indy 500, and NASCAR race there as well, you have the U.S. Nats at IRP and the track seems to host some other cool events during the years, also at IRP is their oval track which host a number of events. Non wing sprint cars travel to 5 different tracks over a weeks time for their speedweek. truck and tractor pulls at various county fairs, monster truck jamboree at the state fairgrounds, world of wheels in downtown indy during the winter, they use to have the PRI expo there

  2. GuitarSlinger

    Much as I despise the place with a livid passion … California …. with more racing … birth of the dragstrip .. road racing … off road racing …. builders and manufactures coming out their ears ….. more tracks of all kinds [ both past and present ] than any ten other states combined ….. the hands down home once Daytona Beach became a moot point of Land Speed Racing ( take note ,,,, its the SCTA than runs the Salt Flats for all practical purposes … not to mention museums galore …. Fact is the only form of racing perhaps not in the majority over CA way is NASCAR ..

    Yeah I hate the place and will never move back ….. but state wise CA is the racing capitol of the US …. unfortunately

  3. >>>>head

    Given that Cali is ~ 10th largest economy in the world (yes the whole world) I would also go with Cali

  4. Barnsearcher

    I say Ohio to get a variety. There are numerous small track events for weekly drag racing, dirt or asphalt circle, and motorcycle both dirt and asphalt, and many count fairs with truck and tractor pulling. If you are only a spectator within 3 hours from the center of the state you can go see major events for all forms of motorsports including Land Speed Racing in Wilmington, Indy cars at Indy, NTPA in Bowling Green, NHRA in Norwalk, road course for motor cycles and car events at Mid Ohio, World of Outlaw on dirt at Eldora, NASCAR at either MIS in Michigan or Kentucky speedway, Monster trucks at Lima, Good Guys car show in Columbus, And power boats on either the Ohio river or Grand Lake St. Marys.

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