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Name This Motor – Could This Be The Coolest Flathead of Them All?

Name This Motor – Could This Be The Coolest Flathead of Them All?

We’ve been rolling down Bitchin’ Flathead Ave for the last week or so in the BangShift blog-mobile. From the blown Ardun to the wicked blown Caddy flattie on John Beck’s dyno, the arcane engine madness has been neat. Well, here’s another one and will test your mechanical knowledge mettle! Deep within what is one of the most amazing private automotive collections in America sits this engine. A friend of ours with access to said collection sent us the below photos and asked us to ID the piece. Well, there were some tell tale markings on it that gave it away in large resolution photos, but since we’re jerks, we have edited those out and shrunk the photos.

We have no background on the engine, other than knowing where it sits. We suspect that it was built for Bonneville action because what other group of racers would build a blower setup, EFI setup, and totally bitchin’ set of headers for a….oh, we almost gave it away.

Ok boys and girls, have at it…name this motor! (Even if you don’t know it, revel in the sheer freaking awesomeness of it all. So cool it nearly brings a tear to our gasoline soaked eyes!)


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8 thoughts on “Name This Motor – Could This Be The Coolest Flathead of Them All?

  1. Matt Cramer

    1950s era Chrysler “PowerFlow” six, probably the one that originally displaced 230 cubic inches.

    1. Guitarslinger

      Damn that looks familiar . I’ll go out on a limb and second the Hudson vote . Old man had a Hornet back in the day .

  2. Caveman Tony

    x 2 on the Chrysler I-6.

    For me, the block skirt, freeze plug-sealed oil fill, and the left side dizzy hole give it away.

    Got one in my tractor.

    Where can I get one of dem heads?

  3. John T

    I*’m going with Chrysler 6 – had a flathead 6 in my first car, 54 Plymouth with Desoto front clip – not bad for $25 !! Pretty cool thing to occasionally drive to school when you’re 14 (2 years before I got a licence…)

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