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Question of the Day: Are You A Well Rounded Gearhead or Do You Have Automotive Tunnel Vision?

Question of the Day: Are You A Well Rounded Gearhead or Do You Have Automotive Tunnel Vision?

Being into lots of different types of stuff is kind of an occupational hazard when you write an automotive blog like BangShift. Most times, I get to do stuff in dribs and drabs but this current week is a good one for gearhead coolness. With a couple days at the drags already under my belt and a night spent at a quarter mile asphalt oval watching racers bang fenders also checked off the list, the American LeMans Series race looms in the future for Friday. I can’t claim to be the biggest road racing and stock car racing guy in the world but I do love hanging out and watching the action. I think lots of people are of the same mind set but I know lots of others are into their own certain slice of the hobby and not much else. I’m the guy who owns a vintage wrecker and is in the midst of screwing together a pro touring themed sedan.

This question is not intended to be taken as a shot at guys who are into specific stuff. For instance if you are a muscle car guy and don’t give a flying crap about anything else, no sweat. Maybe you’re a drag racer who also follows NASCAR or the World Rally Championship. If you are into a specific part of this hobby or the gearhead world in general, what is it?

Today’s question of the day: Are you a gearhead who’s into many different aspects of the hobby or do you have specific tastes and interests?



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17 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Are You A Well Rounded Gearhead or Do You Have Automotive Tunnel Vision?

  1. Rob

    I am into just about anything with an engine from stationary steam engines on up but I was mainly passion was the straight line stuff. When a buddy built a track day 67 Camaro with C4 suspension and a 6 speed my eyes were opened to a whole new world of fun.

  2. Dave

    I’m a dyed in the wool drag racer and that has always been my primary area of interest. However, I’ve been to several Formula 1 races and love watching WRC, Aussie V8 Supercars, Monster Trucks, tractor pulls, standing mile… I definitely prefer American cars, but I can’t deny that I love anything that goes fast, whether it’s one of Titan Motorsports’ Supra powered monsters, an Underground Racing TT Lamborghini, a new Cobra Jet or a Nostalgia Super Stocker. Drifting and oval track racing are really the only things I can’t get into (and even then, the outlaw sprint car stuff always puts a smile on my face).

  3. tigeraid

    Circle track racer most of my life, but I love anything that has four wheels that’s not called a Monster Truck.

  4. Nitronut

    If it’s mechanical I’m interested. If you can race it I’m really interested! They all have their pro’s and con’s, but if you love the sights, the smells and the sounds, well I think that qualifies you as a, “Gearhead”!

  5. Speedy

    Reasonably well-rounded. Just hold the monster trucks, demolition derbies, Figure-8 races, powerboats and anything on only two wheels.

  6. Scott Liggett

    The only kind of motorsport that I don’t like is demolition derbies. I can’t watch great old cars being destroyed anymore. So, I’d like to think I’m well rounded.

    1. Speedy


      That’s why I also dislike gimmicky destructive stuff like monster truck “racing” and Figure-8.

      I’m also starting to worry that the supply of cheap vintage RVs is drying up due due to the need for monster trucks to “crush’em.”

  7. 69Chevelle454

    I am more into drag racing specifically Nostalgia drag racing. But I also LOVE SCCA Trans Am series racing, Ill watch NASCAR but honestly I love anything if its old school racing. Im only 27 and I find all of these new racings boring because theyre so far from real cars. I love the fact that Nostalgia racing rather its Trans AM or drag racing is coming back in spades. I also like to watch the Viper/Corvettes take on the rest of Europe!

  8. gary351c

    I consider myself pretty weel rounded. I like drag racing and sportscars but my current addiction is Formula 1. American muscle cars are top of my list but I like vintage exotics as well and old rear wheel drive ricer stuff. I used to love NASCAR but now I couldn’t care less and Indycar is just plain boring. Sprint cars are cool because they haven’t ruined them yet. I also enjoy a world superbike race from time to time. Monster trucks don’t do a thing for me but I enjoy a good trailer race. . .weird.

  9. John T

    I’d like to think I’m fairly well rounded in there’s not much I really hate, but I have to be honest and say there’s not much in the way of motorsport that REALLY gets my pulse up… Formula 1 and bikes do not interest me at all – I get that they’re supposed to be `up there ‘but I just find them boring. Aussie V8 supercars are OK to watch (I’m in Australia) but I find myself getting much more interested in the support races – muscle masters for example – if you don’t know , these are a bit like trans am from the 70’s – Aussie muscle cars along with mustangs, camaro’s etc – my other faves are drag racing and tarmac rallies – again, Aussie muscle and others but going hell for leather through the local Adelaide hills while you sit watching in a paddock or whatever – THATS fun…

  10. racer193

    Anything moving under its own power(EVs not so much). I like weird stuff like a custom built S70,maybe a art morrison chassis and that yamaha built 4.4l v-8 with twins of course and a real six position box to beat on. And dont forget the mostly stock volvo interior with some leather where volvo never thought to put it, mainly the dash and trim bits. Other than that if it moves Im in(EVs NOT SO MUCH).

  11. Mopar or No Car

    The screen name says it all. That said, there are cars I would cherry pick from other nameplates: V-8 Vega, Jaguar MK10, Continental MKIII, BMW 850 — bottom line it’s gotta have a high cool factor to get my attention.

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