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BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Weirdest Automotive Idea You Have Ever Dreamed Up?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Weirdest Automotive Idea You Have Ever Dreamed Up?

(By Chris Chenlo) – We’ve all been there, a group of friends sitting around drinking beer and someone says “Wouldn’t it be cool if we……..” and that’s how it starts. In my head that’s exactly how the Mad Max series came to be. Had this guy listened to all of the naysayers we all would have missed out of some biggest and baddest concocted ideas that we’ve ever seen. That Cadillac is epic! This guy came up with the idea and he even talked someone else into building it and have it is a movie.

Now on the other hand I’m sure these ideas have probable made a few of us homeless. The other day I came across this monster truck limo and holy crap I had to stop and snap a picture. This guy probably wound up sleeping in the limo in a field and wondered what’s next for him. I guess he decided to make the field into a camp ground and lived happily ever after. Who knows.

Either way the next time you hear someone say “Wouldn’t it be cool if we……..” I suggest you guys all pool your money together and build it. After all what’s the worst thing that could happen?

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9 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Weirdest Automotive Idea You Have Ever Dreamed Up?

  1. Steve

    I agree completely! Weird is cool. I come up with crazy ideas all the time. How about the front half of an A100 van welded to the back of an A100 pickup draped over a Cummins dually chassis? Or a twin engine drag week car with a complete top fuel power train driving the rear wheels, and a stock LS in the rear driving the front wheels? Nothing’s worse to me than going to large national events and seeing the same old same old. Row after row of rehashed boredom. I can’t believe how little imagination some guys have. Stretch a little, let your inner child run free!

  2. Weasel1

    I think of them all the darn time. We have made a Eskamino out of a early escort by chopping the body down behind the front seats and fabbing a bed out of what was left. Used it as shop truck for a long time. We also mated a 66 Toronado and a single axel camper to make a motor home. If you can think it up, somebody will give you guidance on how to build it. The more weird it is, the more people want to help!

  3. jerry z

    Always wanted to take a Syclone chassis and pit it under an Avanti body. Maybe it’s been done, who knows.

  4. John T

    the one I cant shake is this… I want to take an R32 /R33 Skyline ( relatively common in Australia ) remove most of the exterior sheetmetal and replace it with an early 60’s Falcon coupe body (the Aussie one is slightly nicer looking than the Sprint one US guys got) . Drape it nice and low and utilise the existing Skyline wheel arches. Then either leave in the RB engine or drop in a 302 roller ( or maybe an LS) with a turbo or two and retain the 4 wheel drive setup and have an ultra capable corner carver. Try and keep it as stock looking early Falcon as possible, nice and low key…

  5. nathan lee

    eight Yamaha 490 it or yz cylinders connected to a duel plane crankshaft . not to sure how to control the down hill surge though

  6. BeaverMartin

    So many crazy ideas. I’ve drawn them and even built models. Front engine/rwd volks rod powered by 2 air cooled VW flat fours mated into a flat 8. A Harley Davidson v-twin powered classic Fiat 500. A 1960 Suburban chopped down into a one off 1960 K5 Blazer. A classic Mini gasser stuffed with a tunnel rammed Aston Martin V8.

  7. KCR

    I have pictures and living ,well kinda proof. I built a picnic table car .No noth’n like one of these cheepy lawnmower powered things you see now. About 14 years ago I took a 48 dodge 4 door ,cut it at the A and C pillars. Threw away the floor and roof between them .Put in on an old Galixy frame .Made a convertible top to go between the windshield and back glass. A cooler and grill were the engine was . A 6 cyld Ford 200 cid on one side of the trunk. It chain drove the rear by a jack shaft. You drove it from the back seat next to the covered engine. .Fat slicks on the back . Racked out stance .Cook’n and cruze’n .We had a blast it that thing

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