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Byron Wheelstanding Champ Brian Ambrosini Facing Up To 32 Years In Prison For Burglary And Theft

Byron Wheelstanding Champ Brian Ambrosini Facing Up To 32 Years In Prison For Burglary And Theft

(Lead Photo: Kenosha News/Brian Passino) The name Brian Ambrosini should at least create a spark with anyone who has ever taken an interest in the Byron Wheelstand Contest. Ambrosini’s bright orange 1972 AMC Gremlin has been one of the major faces of the competition for years now. The AMC is known for going nose-up like a shot, and coming down like a ton of bricks, but it seems that the 50-year-old Ambrosini is about to land a lot harder than he has ever landed before. As the Kenosha News reports, Brian Ambrosini is facing a healthy jail sentence for stealing tool kits from a Snap-On warehouse.

Ambrosini wheelstand

On September 1, 2015, Ambrosini was given a $25,000 signature bond and was court-ordered to not sell tools online, to stay away from all Snap-On locations in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, and to not have contact with former Snap-On employee Nathan Wrobel. The two men are accused of stealing over a million dollars’ worth of Snap-On tool kits from a company warehouse, worth approximately $35,000 per kit. According to the court documents, Wrobel would provide access to the warehouse and Ambrosini would steal the kits and then sell them at a severe discount from their original value. Wrobel would be provided a kickback for his services in the deal. Currently both men are facing three counts of burglary and three counts of theft, all felonies. If they are convicted, they could face up to 32 and a half years in prison.

(Thanks to Ron Ward for the tip!)

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18 thoughts on “Byron Wheelstanding Champ Brian Ambrosini Facing Up To 32 Years In Prison For Burglary And Theft

  1. Jay Bree

    A guy that likes destroying cars has to be funded from somewhere.

    1000 Gremlins is glad to hear of this.

    1. greg

      LOL at Josh’s comment. Not too far from the truth though. Regarding Brian, it’s sad that he felt this was the appropriate course of action to take. Did he or the other guy think Snap On would never find out? How stupid can people be?

    2. ratty

      LOLOL… that’s exactly what I was just saying to my wife sitting here reading this, I was like, that’s a small hand carry toolbox and a couple of basic tools, but I like your version better Josh… If he had stolen from another tool source it would’ve been like a total of $1,000 stolen instead of a $1,000,000,,,, his prison term would’ve been only a month instead of the rest of his life. That’s what you get for dealing with Snap-On, one way or another it’s a rip off… lol

  2. Eddie Stakes

    Looks like Subway spokesman Jared will have new roomie. Too bad. Years ago a AMC guy out of Midwest ‘The Ramblin Man’ had many ads running, and one day, something changed, he started keeping the checks and money orders, total $47K, word spread in the small AMC hobby quickly, but not quickly enough to stop his rampage. He was busted, did some time, but not one person ever got dime back sadly. Big stain on the AMC community. While I did not deal with Brian (hey I have Craftsman tools) he also was not on my Planet Houston AMX Vendors list either. I try to keep it current & hopefully good folks only there thru decades http://www.planethoustonamx.com/AMC_Vendors/AMC-Vendors.htm

  3. stangbanger

    Crap, I went to these things mainly to watch him and the Gremlin now he’s blown that out of the water.

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