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Caption This Photo: Look at this Mess, What the Hell is Wrong With Dad?

Caption This Photo: Look at this Mess, What the Hell is Wrong With Dad?

Last night I ventured out in Brutus the wrecker with the kids to a local cruise night. While it is just a big old lumbering tow truck, I still wanted it to look its best for the local dudes and dudettes. That meant an afternoon of cleaning, some bondo action to make a rocker panel look presentable, swapping out a junk fuel filter, adjusting the points, and glugging a few gallons of gas into the tank to make sure I wouldn’t require a tow truck to recover my tow truck.

While running around to get something, I turned the the corner from the backyard to find the following sight. Both of my sons had hauled themselves up onto the front bumper and were having as serious a conversation as a three and five year old can have about a greasy, gunked up old 292ci inline six. It was funny to hear the both of them talking about the engine and the truck in general in such a serious tone. If they weren’t so young, I would have handed them some degreaser and brushes, but I am pretty sure there are laws against that at their current age.

I zapped this photo and it seems pretty ripe for caption action! What are the boys saying? Put some words in their mouth.

Caption this photo!

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23 thoughts on “Caption This Photo: Look at this Mess, What the Hell is Wrong With Dad?

  1. Neal

    Good thing there is a lot of room under here, because Mom said if Dad brings home one more piece of #$$%, he is going to live under the hood of Brutus.

  2. Rick

    “You think it will fit?” “Yeah, Dad can make anything fit with the blue wrench”

  3. Anonymous

    ya know, I think with Dad’s luck he needs to keep this in case we have to tow Buford home again!

  4. joebogey

    Quick before Dad get’s back, get me a 9/16 box wrench, a pair of water pump pliers, and some bailing wire & I’ll get this thing running like a top.

  5. Paul

    You no Jack Ya know its not a Ford and it wasn’t Found On the Road Dead so why is the hood up?

  6. tom sime

    Plenty of room for big block…then we’d get all the hitches….yeah…whatever that means…..

  7. Bishir

    When you turn 16 you get this!

    No way YOU get this!

    No YOU!

    Both in unison, “Dad!!!!!”

  8. AutoX_a_Truck?

    Anyone have any idea why a message pops up saying I do not have permission to view/edit the garage I created whenever I sign in?

  9. Marra2

    1: Quick!, you distract dad, i’m gonna get some soap and water, look at all the bits he’s missed, you know he’s gonna say he let us do it!!!
    2:”Something is missing from it bro, ”
    “Whats that?”,
    “Hand marks, white paint ALWAYS looks good with hand marks…”

  10. DD Price

    An LS swap? Nope, 409 fits the truck better. No, a Duramax, even better. Your stupid, NO you are, MOM……

  11. Roger Nelson

    yeah, plenty of room for hydraulics, are those 24’s still in the playhouse, this baby will be cool draggin the bumpers

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