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Would You Rather, The Not-Quite-A-Musclecar Edition: Clean LeMans Or California-Find Dodge Coronet?

Would You Rather, The Not-Quite-A-Musclecar Edition: Clean LeMans Or California-Find Dodge Coronet?

Not every Pontiac was a GTO Judge. Not every Mopar was a Hemi, or a 440 Six Pack. Not every Mustang had a Boss or a Cobra Jet under the hood. For decades, the 1964-1974 Musclecar Era has been solidly and fondly remembered for the brash, badass, fast and loud special editions but what a lot of people forget is that they were based on much more pedestrian offerings…many of which were hacked or stripped to save a legit special edition or were gussied up to pass off as a clone. But every time we see a regular model that has managed to survive intact, we tend to gravitate to it, and we think you do too. So, for today’s round of Would You Rather, we have two relatively unmolested examples of clean survivor-quality cars that are sitting on eBay right now. Remember, it’s one or the other, but from where we sit you’d win either way.

1. 1970 Pontiac LeMans Luxury

LeMans1 LeMans 2 LeMans 3

The LeMans, and it’s Tempest clone, are often fodder for faked-out GTO builds, but on their own they are beautiful cars. This one is packing the 400ci Pontiac, F41 suspension, power brakes, power steering, tilt wheel and more. The mag wheels don’t take away from the car…if anything, they add so much to it. We could live without the penchant of the GTO for a LeMans this clean!

eBay Link: 1970 Pontiac LeMans Luxury

2. 1969 Dodge Coronetcoronet 2 coronet1 coronet 3This 1969 Coronet sedan, on the other hand, wasn’t as loved. Where a two-door LeMans probably found a good home, a four-door Coronet was used as a taxicab, a family shuttle, and a general yeoman’s car and if the quarter panels were solid after ten or twenty years, they were raided to patch up the rusted quarters of a Road Runner. But if it’s lasted fifty years pretty much untouched, there is no point to molest this basic Mopar now. Just keep that 318 small block happy and enjoy it for what it is!

eBay Link: 1969 Dodge Coronet

Good luck making your decision, let us know what you would take…tin Indian or Basic Mopar!


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21 thoughts on “Would You Rather, The Not-Quite-A-Musclecar Edition: Clean LeMans Or California-Find Dodge Coronet?

  1. jerry z

    Image putting a Hemi in that Coronet? The only change outside would be 8″ wide steelies. Now that would be the ultimate sleeper!


    This is the most difficult one you’ve posted to date. I like both and see so much potential in either. On one hand I would love a 4 door Mopar with a big block…something that would not draw attention…kinda like a moonshine runner. On the other I’ve always liked the LeMans of this vintage. A nice set of ralley wheels and some BFG RWL’s, some cleaning and detailing under hood and I would be in heaven….Damn you! I got nothing….I can’t choose…I guess if I were bidding and one either or I would be quite pleased…

    1. Mopar or No Car

      Did you read the eBay ad? “Things that need to be fix and/or replace are passenger seat upholstery, head liner, rear bumper balance, windshield, dashboard, armrest lid, A/C compressor, etc. and of course a new paint.”

      That’s a little more than spiffy wheels, a new set of tires and detailing. Close your eyes and watch the dollar wheel spin.

      1. ANGRYJOE

        You really want to call me out about a hypothetical situation? It’s like “Hey Jimmy, which do you like better sharks or griffins?” Jimmy says “I like griffins” and you come running in from the other room screaming “Are you stupid Jimmy? You can’t like griffins, they are not real” SMH….to answer the question…No, I looked at the pictured and made a mental image and answered a hypothetical question based on the mental image….chill man.

  3. Mopar or No Car

    The LeMans seller can go fly a kite. My guess is he obtained the car after it was found in some old lady’s garage. It needs many thousands of dollars of work, and #@$(*)*$ any two-door premium.

    The Coronet is a 38K mile survivor that has also received much love. Does the word turnkey mean anything to you?

    If I’m spending 10 grand on something I’m going to keep, it’s the Dodge any day of the week.

  4. RK

    I have always been a GM lover, but wow I like that four door, bench seat, dog dish, black plated, column shift sleeper! Man I’m square!!

  5. Bill Greenwood

    I’d take the Coronet, swap in a Rallye dash, buckets, and console. P/W, A/C, and a black vinyl top, 15″ Magnums hiding 4 wheel discs. Build a mild stroker small block and dress it to look like a 340. Call it a Coronet GT.
    Somebody send me a winning lottery ticket!

  6. Tyler

    I thought I was going to vote on the lemans because my dad had one back in the day. His was a 350 though. But when I saw the coronet, I want it. I like the unusual. Not every thing needs two doors. Nice clean driver. Just leave everything the way it is and enjoy it.

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