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Money No Object: 1977 GMC Sierra C35 – Grandpa Fresh

Money No Object: 1977 GMC Sierra C35 – Grandpa Fresh

He got me. Bait, hook, set and all, he got me. Channing Ivey likes to drop me links to interesting vehicles he finds around Virginia. I haven’t looked at vehicles in Virginia with an urge to buy them ever since a drill sergeant at Fort Eustis informed me of what he would do to my eyes and hands if I didn’t quit gawking at his cherry third-gen Camaro. (By the way, in the odd case that you were reading this, Mr.T, that was me in the Olds 442 in Newport News. Sorry for hanging you out to dry off of the line. But I did tell you that your clutch smelled pretty well-done!) The state for lovers isn’t my first go-to when it comes to used-car hunting. I found that most things there were either riddled with tin rot, or were so overpriced it wasn’t worth the effort. We aren’t talking kind of expensive, we’re talking eighteen grand for a stock 1986 Monte Carlo expensive. V6, LS, falling headliner. See why I’m discouraged?

So I have to nit-pick the truck he picked out a bit. The banana cream paint job isn’t for me, the brake pad is missing and the wrap around the steering wheel is one of my personal pet peeves. But look at this GMC and tell me you’d say no. Please…prove to me that you could take a big-block, four-door dually with iconic lines, and walk away. I couldn’t. It’s a factory tach truck. It’s got THE seat covers in it…can you even buy those anymore? The correct white-painted wheels with the four cooling vents are still present. Everything about this truck is awesome. Everything. And it doesn’t need one single change, except for the brake pedal pad and that thing on the steering wheel moved to the trash can.

Thanks to Channing Ivey for the tip!

Facebook Marketplace link: 1977 GMC C35 Sierra 3+3 Camper Special

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4 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1977 GMC Sierra C35 – Grandpa Fresh

  1. Jalopy_J

    Haha, Not sure who’s buying them in 2020, but saddle blanket seat covers are still very much available.

  2. Patrick

    These vehicles look so cool, but after remembering owning a few of them they are underpowered gas hogs compared to new trucks. AC was unheard of, whether they came with it or not, and most modern 1/2 tons will match or beat their towing capabilities. Chevy starter issues when hot was ridiculous, GM knew about it but didn’t care. I owned a 78 and 73.

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