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Best of 2019: Can This 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Wagon Be Saved?

Best of 2019: Can This 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Wagon Be Saved?

Let’s be frank about this for a minute: the Super Sport badge might be the most used, abused, and ragged-out model and trim in the General Motors inventory. There have been hits, like the Camaro, the Impala, and even the TrailBlazer, where the SS moniker actually stood for genuine performance and a rowdy good time compared to it’s lesser brethren. Then there’s the “other” category: the S-10, the Malibu Maxx, the HHR for the love of all that’s holy. On these vehicles, the Super Sport moniker simply meant “sporty”, the same way that wearing a T-shirt instead of a collared shirt is considered “sporty”. They were toothless models, nothing that was worth mentioning, really.

So not every Super Sport model was a hit. Not every one was a miss. And that leads us to today’s find, a 1-of-1,500 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport station wagon. Yes, it’s real…it’s a one-year-only setup, which got you the new-for-’73 colonnade body shape, the Super Sport package, and engine options all the way up to the 454 if you so desired. If you could get it on the two-door Chevelle, you could get it in the station wagon. So, for one year only, you could have your cake and eat it too…or, if you have a really warped mindset, you could take your whole family out for a night on the back lanes, seeing if you could bait some unknowing schmo into a run for some entertainment.

Our eBay find is a bit rough, it must be said. A 350-powered car, it has some details that need to be addressed and it certainly could stand a good once-over. But the black/silver color combination is kind of catchy, we’re digging the aftermarket rally wheels, and we’d love nothing more than to see that front bumper pushed back about four inches into the face, the paint gleaming, and that 350 emblem replaced by a more proper 454. What do you think…is this Chevelle SS worth the hassle?

eBay Link: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport station wagon

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12 thoughts on “Best of 2019: Can This 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Wagon Be Saved?

  1. phitter67

    It looks decent from the auction pics, and not bad pricewise either. If I had money and space that would be great for carting around the grandkids.

  2. Henrik

    I would take it in a heartbeat. However it needs alot of rust repair and of course the ss badge in the front turned around since it is currently upside Down. I own a 2door hardtop already and a Nice wagon would make it a Nice twin sister setup. These wagons are rare and someone need to save the few around before they are all gone.

  3. bob

    Yet another bumper sandwich POS. I like that he says he won’t sell it locally. Yep, he don’t want that hanging around the neighborhood. He wants it to go far, far away. I say crush it.

  4. Greg

    I take exception to your slam of the HHR SS. The manual transmission version came with launch control…hold the clutch in and mat the throttle it holds at 4100 RPM. You could then slam the 5 speed manual through the gears without the clutch or lifting the throttle. 260 horsepower from 2 liters got you 14.8 in the quarter mile. Thats about a half second faster than a small block 69 Camaro SS. The 1969 Z28 ran 14.8 back in the day, and the HHR SS beats it in 0-60 times. So as far as 2008 muscle goes I feel the HHR SS needs no apologies.
    As far as this SS Chevelle wagon, I agree. What did the SS package get you besides the SS badges?

  5. Anthony

    Could be neato. Has Monte Carlo dash I’m sure away bars front and back and 454 goes right in there.

  6. Gary Miller

    What a waste of SS badges! Not because it\’s a wagon, but because it has to be one of the ugliest year Chevelle\’s built.

    1. Dan Dine

      yep. comments from d*cks that own a ford pinto or nothing at all. *ss* wagon one of a kind at a car show. at least they were made. owned a 70 SS and wouldnt show it cause its like *ss*oles. everyone has one.

  7. Henrik

    I would take it in heartbeat. I already own a 2 door hardtop hot rodded chevelle from the same year. It drives and handels Real Nice with a few mods. Best thing is you dont see 10 of them at the shows, and its Got the right musclecar looks when you push the bumpers in and give it a little stance. So it would be cool to drive this to work and have the coupe for weekends. People dont know how comfy these drive and how easy it is to make it perform. Also there is room for the whole family plus a couple of dogs.

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