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How Would You Build It: This 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Is Desert-Clean But Needs To Be Finished Up

How Would You Build It: This 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Is Desert-Clean But Needs To Be Finished Up

I’m a sucker for 1969-1972 big Fords. It’s nothing new…for a large car from that time period, the Ford design is the right mix of muscular and formal in my eyes. So I have no problem admitting that when I saw the listing for this 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 two-door, I went weak at the sight of the first picture. Originally, I was looking for a Rough Start candidate, so to see this light blue beauty well within the range of the five thousand dollar budget requirement, a closer inspection was in order. Surely, there had to be some kind of hitch…the baby blue paint couldn’t be that perfect, could it?

In short, no, it couldn’t, but the Ford is an Arizona car and most of the paint still looks amazing. Some quick work in a reputable paint booth would take care of the heat rash just fine, and the rest of the car is at least on-point, if not excellent, for a $4,500 cruiser that you can pile friends into. Which meant that we needed to see more of the interior…

A four-on the floor is exactly what we would want to see, and the monstrous air conditioning system would take care of any warm weather, let alone what the land of saguaro and cholla could possibly dish out. We can forgive things like the tattered door armrest, but when we saw the port for the missing shifter on the column, red flags raised up and sure enough, this Galaxie has one major flaw…and it’s under that expansive hood. This Galaxie is a stripper special, complete with a 240 cubic inch inline six. With exception to the air conditioner, which was probably purchased more out of necessity than anything else, this was the cheap way into a large body Ford. But is it a real loss with the six in place?

BangShifters, this is where your input comes into play, because this Galaxie is an interesting situation. The 240 Six is a member of the same engine family that the legendary Ford 300 Six is from, and that opens up easy restomodding opportunities and the chance to build something out of the ordinary. A hopped-up big six, complete with fuel injection and maybe an extra gear or two in the trans would be a real trick piece, and would probably be economical as well. Then again, we always did like these machines with a 429 in the engine bay. Or maybe a stonkin’ 351…the options are there, but you tell us, how would you finish out the Ford?

Craigslist Link: 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 two-door

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13 thoughts on “How Would You Build It: This 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Is Desert-Clean But Needs To Be Finished Up

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Put in a stonking great FE, race tune the brakes and suspension and race it in classic sedan races in the UK. It would be way cheaper than a 63 Galaxy and would get anything out of its way with its sheer size!

  2. jerry z

    I can’t believe these came with 6 cyls! Put in a 6.2 Boss / 6 spd combo with a vintage air set up.

  3. Bob J

    Were it I, and I had the spare $$$ to do it, I’d put a Kasse 598 CI P51 engine in it, backed with a Tremec 6 speed and and a prepped rear/suspension, paint it, repair those interior items in need and have fun. Properly done, it oughtta be good for mid-high nines. It’s always fun to see the big rides run well :^)

    BTW, I’m pretty certain you could get a 6-cylinder and a column shifted 3 on the tree in the base model, so it could be that someone just put in a floor shifter.

    Pricey, but fun :^)

  4. Weasel1

    I love this body style, have owned a few. I have done both the six cylinder and the 429 route. Personally, if I get another I will put in a warmed up 390 with a big Holley and a 4 speed

  5. Scott

    Find a Triton V10 Econoline or Super Duty and swap. Or diesel. Just to be really different at the cruise in.

  6. cap\'n fast

    i would do what i did before. stuff the biggest baddest torque monster chrysler hemi in to the engine bay with a built torqueflite.
    bar that, a sohc v-10 ford with fast efi and twin turbo-superchargers with intercoolers. built 4r100 trans. with a really large fuel tank. brakes and suspension need replaced with something good/better.and of course, mark williams axle.

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