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Caption This: How Would You Sell This Lincoln-Ish Super Brougham?

Caption This: How Would You Sell This Lincoln-Ish Super Brougham?

Zimmer Golden Spirit. 1970s Stutz. Both of these cars represent the same thing: a harkening back to the days of Dusenbergs and Bugattis, though the execution might be…well…a little questionable. Exclusivity, classic styling traits that were incorporated onto modern platforms, and a metric ton of chrome was added, because chrome equals positive styling, right? They called back to the Prohibition Era, where long-nosed, high-quality coach built cars signified pure, unadulterated luxury and wealth, but something didn’t quite make it to the 1970s translation. Maybe it was the fact that most of these cars were retrofits to an existing chassis, or maybe in a decade defined by OPEC gas crisis, that rolling around in the ultimate pimpmobile was beyond good taste for most people.


And that brings us to today’s car. Most of it seems to be made up of Lincoln Mark VI, but the nose had been extended by at least a few feet…and that is the least of this car’s problems. The cheapest wheels in the book on whitewalls, fender-mounted spares with that oh-so-1980’s wire hubcap, the exhaust headers from Cruella DeVille’s personal whip and a lighting array that would look more at-home in a lighthouse than on a Lincoln complete the look. She’s SuperFly and ready to roll, if you can find the right customer in this modern age. Take a shot at selling this loaded Lincoln if you dare!



(Photos courtesy V.I.S.I.T.)

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21 thoughts on “Caption This: How Would You Sell This Lincoln-Ish Super Brougham?

  1. Gregg68


  2. 75Duster

    I gots to sell my ride, vice squad is up my azz about my women, and it be this or my Escalade which I just pimped out.
    Theze pictures tell you what be up with my car, inside I had Cheech’s Upholstery put in genuwine leopard skins on the seats, under the hood it has a blue engine ( I thinks it might be a Ford).
    I’d like to put sum 22″ Dubs on it, but they go wit the ride too since dey don’t fit.
    The car be a local celebrity now since it was seen on Cops.
    I be axing $25,000 or bail money, whichever cums first.
    If you get it before de cops get it I’ll throw in my pimp cane.
    Call the Boize Acorn if interested, they will then call me wit your info.

  3. Nigel Mansell's Ferret

    Do you need to get to work or pick up the kids? But you have to drive through a riot and don’t feel like getting hit in the head with a brick like Reginald Denny? Well do we have the vehicle for you. Ferguson Freedom Flyer 500. A whip so urban you will be able to breeze though any blockade like Farakhan himself. 21ft of sweet blacksploitation rollin smoove as your neighbors white privilege has them run for there lives. How much is not getting your ass beat gonna cost you? 2995.00 because getting treated like a slave owner doesn’t mean you have slave owner money . Price includes a half empty bottle of Hennessey and a pink fur derby.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    If you like LSD in bulk, ugly women of a certain age and weight, and delight in exhibiting your total lack of taste – come and see this car and I will then stuff LSD down your fat face and drive it over you until you are an ugly smear on the black top!

  5. Koolkat57

    Any guess as to why the windows are tinted so dark………………….Who would want to be seen in IT!

  6. ratpatrol66

    No way I would put my name anywhere near that heap. Dump it on the side of the road in the dark and run.

  7. anthony

    I know what titsoon means. As much as I kinda like a little pimp (padded top and tru spokes) in a Caddy or Lincoln or 225 this thing is awful and the guy ruined a decent Lincoln.

  8. Brendon

    I’d bring it to the next Monster Jam event and have it placed in the middle of the arena and challenge the drivers to see who could crush it the most.

  9. John T

    For sale: Tastefully appointed Lincoln motor vehicle with luxury adornments and additions. A truly one of a kind vehicle with ample room for your seeing eye dog and cane.

  10. RichH

    Ride like the Great Gatsby in this one-of-a-kind, Stutz-inspired, custom cruiser! With tons of chrome, an elegant hoodline, a regal, barritz-styled roof, and custom wheels – this auto is a show stopper. Guaranteed to draw attention at every stoplight from the big city to your hometown! This is the ride of royalty! Act fast – this … um, … er… immensely proportioned piece of ’70s throwback disco crap is going to straight to the scrapper if you don’t save it! It has blinded my staff and every person who has been unlucky enough to drive past my shop since this super-turkey, faux-everything, ridiculous monstrosity arrived. Please take it away!

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