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The “WTF?” Files: A Ford Pinto Ute? We’re Kind Of Digging This One!

The “WTF?” Files: A Ford Pinto Ute? We’re Kind Of Digging This One!

A lesson for those who are not familiar with the Ford Pinto: they came in three body styles. One was a two door sedan with a trunk. One was a two-door station wagon. The third was a three-door hatchback, usually termed “Runabout”. Got that? Three body styles. At no point during the entire 1970-1980 model run was there ever a Ford Pinto pickup truck. You had wagon, you had hatchback, you had coupe, and for about six months in 1973, you had one that could fly (see also: AVE Mizar).

Yet someone in the Seattle Metro has one of the more interesting sights we’ve seen in a minute. It started life as a 1972 Ford Pinto station wagon, but along the way something happened that wound up looking like the result of a three-way between a Pinto, an El Camino and a Plymouth Superbird. The strange thing? We don’t quite hate it. In fact, in a way it’s actually kind of badass. The slot mags fit it right, the color is oddly appropriate, the ute conversion looks solid and with a hopped-up four-banger under the hood there’s a chance that it could be sporty, too. We aren’t even that bothered about the wing that looks to be raided from a Dodge Ram Daytona…it just fits the overall theme of the car, don’t you think?

Shame they only included the one photo…we’d love to know more about this little runner!

Craigslist Link: 1972 Ford Pinto

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2 thoughts on “The “WTF?” Files: A Ford Pinto Ute? We’re Kind Of Digging This One!

  1. ratty

    I like it! Well, except for the dumb ass wing. It looks like he wanted to go with a very cool curved glass in the rear similar to a 4th Gen Dodge Dart (albeit a lot smaller), which is understandably absent as where the hell would you get one? Would be especially cool if you could get a glass place to custom make you one, but it would probably cost more than the whole car. So you’d have to do a little more work back there to fit a flat piece of glass. And that he only shows one pic of the car, which doesn’t show the rear of the pickup bed, makes you wonder what he’s hiding. Other than that, yeah, looks very cool. Bet your readers from Down Under are diggin’ it.

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