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This 1964 Chrysler Newport Might Be A Steal! 413, Pushbutton Trans, And Legroom For Days!

This 1964 Chrysler Newport Might Be A Steal! 413, Pushbutton Trans, And Legroom For Days!

It is difficult to look at this 1964 Chrysler Newport and picture that it’s only just a facelifted 1960 model. Sure, the fins were shaved off and the toilet lid spare tire deal was deleted as well, but Virgil Exner’s last work at Chrysler has always captivated me, though I can’t quite pin down the reason. It’s not that there isn’t anything to dislike about the cars…413 power, pushbutton automatic and big-car measurements from the 1950s means that the big-boy Mopars of the day were plenty muscular, if not outright musclecars. The other neat side of the coin is that they aren’t priced through the stratosphere. You won’t get anywhere near a 300K for cheap money, but a Newport, New Yorker, and even a non-Letter Series 300 can be had for small sums and usually aren’t completely and utterly destroyed.

Take this example that popped up in my inbox. Due to the amount of car-surfing I do on eBay, they send me links for cars I might be interested in. And this Newport stuck out for a couple of reasons. One, that’s one handsome four-door. Two, all of the trim is present, the interior looks driver-great, and the 413 is under the hood, waiting for you to push the button for drive. And three, the current bid on the car is stupidly low. Yes, the car isn’t perfect…there’s some paint issues and some rust low on the rear window that needs to be addressed. But in the grand scheme of things, this Chrysler is badass and ready to roll, and if it goes for less than five grand, then someone got a deal.

eBay Link: 1964 Chrysler Newport

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5 thoughts on “This 1964 Chrysler Newport Might Be A Steal! 413, Pushbutton Trans, And Legroom For Days!

  1. Mopar or No Car

    Read this article every time you are thinking about buying an old car.
    Title: Look Honey, I Bought You the Bottom of the Line!

    I bought an ’05 Chrysler Crossfire base model. I liked it fine enough except I got car envy every time I saw a Limited or for God’s sake an SRT6. I could not rest until I owned an SRT6 roadster.

    This car is the epitome of the bottom of the line. Do you see an A/C compressor? No amount of Mopar Performance engine dressup can hide the fact that the engine is the smallest RB for that year. No fan shroud? RUN AWAY!!!

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    All it needs is the bodywork sorted out and a coat or three of gloss black…

  3. man

    a 361 will get you around just fine while you search for a decent rv sourced 440.. or a wild stroker 400… (we all know the 361 will stay there forever)

  4. TWD

    I like this one . Yes it has issues and yes it’s the bottom of the line and yes it’s a 361 . This is a car that you can take anywhere add a 440/400 and Vintage Air later . Ya’ know just because it doesn’t have electric windows , A/C , hot and cold folding doors and floating bathtubs doesn’t mean it belongs in the crusher . My problem is that I would restore it , lower it and drive it across country with 3.23/3.50 gearing .

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