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Hellcat Hauler: Tell Me You Wouldn’t Swap A Third-Gen Hemi Into This 1992 Dodge D350!

Hellcat Hauler: Tell Me You Wouldn’t Swap A Third-Gen Hemi Into This 1992 Dodge D350!

With Holley unloading the swap kit program for 1972-1993 Dodge trucks, it was a given that I would be foaming at the mouth to try that plan out. Nothing against Angry Grandpa, but in the end it’s a Chrysler 300C. It’s great for hauling ass and burnouts, and…well, that’s pretty much it, really. I can’t convert it into one of those Smyth ute trucks because of the body differences between a 300C and a Charger (I asked) and I really regret getting rid of both the ’84 D100 shortbed and the ’84 Ramcharger…they were good trucks that landed in my lap at bad times. In fact, when I was mulling over what I was going to do with the Imperial, a D-series was on the very short list of replacement options.

Now, why pick a 360-powered two-wheel-drive dually one-ton Ram? I’m glad you asked that question. A basic truck like this should come in at 4,300 pounds…or 300 pounds less than the LX. Angry Grandpa has tilted the scales at Beech Bend to the tune of 4,660 pounds (give or take) and I’m not going to fit an eight-foot sheet of plywood in the back, or haul a car home on a trailer or any of that. BUT, using a 6.1, 6.4, Hellcat, hell even a built 5.7, and you will be leaps and bounds over any of the gas engine options that came from the factory. 230 horsepower from a 360? Please.

No, it’s not a Cummins Ram. It doesn’t need to be. A rowdy-assed dually Dodge with all the snotty bark of any of the late-model rides? Yes, yes and more yes. There’s lots of jabs, jokes and bitching about the weight of Ma Mopar’s heavy hitters. Well, this one weighs in about as much and I’d love nothing more than to see four tires set ablaze to a Hellcat soundtrack.

eBay Link: 1992 Dodge Ram D350 dually

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6 thoughts on “Hellcat Hauler: Tell Me You Wouldn’t Swap A Third-Gen Hemi Into This 1992 Dodge D350!

  1. Gary

    Beauty! But I’m still in shock from Uncle Tony exposing why the new hemis eat cams and lifters! I was curious last year when I was at a dealer, and the parking lot was full of cop cars. There was an angry cop in service saying, “You’ve got to change my cam and lifters AGAIN??!!” The service MGR just said, “You idle too much”. I wondered why Mopar wouldn’t have effected a cure, considering how many cop packages they sell. Now I know. Not as sure I’m going to go the new hemi route until someone comes up with a cheap, practical cure for those engines already out there.

  2. RonniB

    After watching Uncle Tony’s diagnosis of 3rd Gen Hemi design problems, I’d stick with a huffed Magnum or RB in this truck. In his opinion, idling in traffic is what kills the cam and lifters. (Watch the video). Racing…ok. This truck would probably be much more suited to DD status and end up in camshaft purgatory with a 3rd gen. YRMV.

  3. Bill Greenwood

    Find a decent 92-93 LE for the nicer dash and power windows & locks. New carpet and a set of buckets with the center bin. Then swap in a BGE 6.4. More power and torque than an original 5.9 Cummins in a lighter package. It’d be a hauler. Even using the old A500 OD trans, it would be a very nice tow rig.

  4. Spencer Allen

    Considering they have it priced at $12,500 which is about 2x fair market price…HARD PASS

    Fair Market Range
    $5,976 – $8,659
    Fair Purchase Price

  5. Paul Terlosky

    Hey guys, Paul from House of Mouse Racing! You featured a couple of my builds in the past, well I just ran across this post of a D350 ” want to be ” Hellcat. Well guys I just built a 78 D300 a couple months ago with a Hellcat and slammed with air ride. Check it out on FB IG or my website!

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