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Rough Start: Screw The Budget, Somebody Go Save This 440/4-speed 1976 New Yorker!

Rough Start: Screw The Budget, Somebody Go Save This 440/4-speed 1976 New Yorker!

It’s big by huge, fitted with two whorehouse red sofas that a six-footer could sleep on comfortably, and it’s got a third pedal and a big block. That should make quite a few of you sit up and take some notice. It’s not everyday that you see a manual-transmission Chrysler that isn’t a K-car or newer than 1965, but here it is: some sick puppy swapped in a four-speed into a 1976 New Yorker coupe, the pinnacle of Chrysler’s big cars.

new yorker 2The 1976 New Yorker was essentially filled to the brim with everything that was carried over from the Imperial line, which had gone on it’s hiatus in 1975. The top of the line Chrysler, the slab-sided New Yorker was geared towards the older audience and the Mopar-only crowd who didn’t want a similar Lincoln or Cadillac. Underneath, however, it was the same chassis as the 1969 Monaco and Polara, which wasn’t a bad deal: torsion bars and heavy-duty rear axles with decently deep gearing, big blocks and normally, 727 automatics. In this case, however, the 727 was ditched in favor of an A-833 four-speed and the install looks good.

new yorker 3

Sure, some cleaning is warranted, but the car is still decently clean for a mid-70s Chrysler product. The seller claims that the 440 has had a go through and pictures show a clean and rust-free underneath. Does it blow the Rough Start budget? At $5995, by a good measure, but it’s not often that something like this hits Craigslist. The seller is opting to sell the engine and transmission separately, and that would be a shame. We’d be on a plane right now if we had the cash handy. Pro Luxury is sitting here in white…what do you think?

Craigslist Link: 1976 Chrysler New Yorker 440/4-speed

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12 thoughts on “Rough Start: Screw The Budget, Somebody Go Save This 440/4-speed 1976 New Yorker!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Satin black paintjob, detailed and cleaned up engine and better, larger wheels – perfection and more unsightly stains in the trouser area!

  2. jerry z

    I’d buy it, ditch the stupid hood scoops and put back on the stock wheels with wheel covers! Now that’s a sleeper!

  3. HotRod

    I like it but no thanks.

    The problem with buying a car someone else built is after you get it you always spend more money changing what you don’t like. In this case the color, the scoops and maybe the interior. I’m not a big fan of that material.

    There’s a 76 New Yorker for sale down the road from me. I have a 440 and 4 speed. I could most likely build the same thing for what it’d cost me to buy this car, get it home, and make the changes.

  4. Ted

    There is just something inherently sexy about big cars and 4 speeds. Like the girl with just a couple of extra pounds but she’s so damn cute you just don’t care.

    This car is a like.

  5. anthony

    That thing is cool. Just get the cheese off it by this I mean those scoops.Id leave the wheels but blackwalls.

  6. dakine

    Thats cool. It’s a good start, but I’d add a pistol grip and big car road wheels instead of the Centerlines. Add some 300-H emblems on the scoop sides, maybe a gold Hurst style stripe somewhere and watch the experts scratch their heads.

  7. Commando1

    Hi. I’m the builder of that car. It’s on its 3rd owner since I built it and it’s gotten blinged out badly. When I sold it, it looked BONE STOCK.

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