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Money No Object: 1978 International Scout II – As Good As They Get!

Money No Object: 1978 International Scout II – As Good As They Get!

1978 wasn’t the greatest time to be a fan of performance cars. It was, however, perfect timing if you had a thing for off-roaders. Look back at the options: K5 Blazer and Jimmy, Ramcharger and Trailduster, Bronco, Jeep CJ and Cherokee, and the Scout II. And that’s before you even got to the true pickup trucks! Looking at that lineup, and it’s going to boil down to brand preference, because that’s a solid selection of options to choose from if we’ve ever seen it. Which one would you choose, though? Would you play it safe and stick with one of the Big Three SUVs? Was Jeep the only thing you thought of? Were you not put off with the new full-size Bronco? We couldn’t knock anyone for choosing any particular rig from that list, but looking at this 1978 Scout II that’s going up for auction, we’re having a hard time saying no to the sporty Binder.

We’re certain that the nearly blinding Omaha Orange paint got your attention first, but let us point out the second item that you should note: this Scout II was restored to Super Scout II specification. The Super Scout II was supposed to take the fight directly to the Jeep CJ, even though the Scout was significantly bigger than the CJ by this point. You got a soft top, soft doors, different mirrors and other touches, like the grille and tailgate insert that differed from the standard Scout. Otherwise, it was standard IH fare: a 345ci V8, a TorqueFlite automatic here, and oh yeah, a full-kill restoration performed by an International specialist who obviously knows what they are doing. Every inch of this Scout is spotless, as clean as an advertising model would be.

Could you say no? If so, at least be honest: you did think about it for a minute.

Mecum Auctions’ Phoenix 2019: Lot F227.1 – 1978 International Scout

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6 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1978 International Scout II – As Good As They Get!

  1. HotRodPop

    Jerk! Paint kills and tires are correct. No, spot on! It’s STOCK, fer crissake! Go to the junk yard, cretin!

  2. Maverick

    Hey all you haters hit the gym take your anger out somewhere else. Get a life you don\’t have to be an angry TWRP. It\’s a nice restoration that\’s it it\’s not original it\’s restored. Go buy a Bronco if you don\’t like it dropped 50 Grand for a bumpy ride at that.


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