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Rough Start: Try Something A Little Different – A 1973 International Wagonmaster!

Rough Start: Try Something A Little Different – A 1973 International Wagonmaster!

It’s not uncommon nowadays to see families using extended-cab or crew-cab pickups as the family car. You have seating for at least four and a bed…what’s not to like?  It doesn’t hurt to have the one vehicle that can do it all, and a four-door pickup with some grunt isn’t a bad way to go. In the early 1970s, however, that wasn’t common at all. In fact, outside of work vehicles that could honestly use the interior space, such as Forest Service trucks, tow trucks, and such, finding a four-door truck from that time period isn’t too easy. You might get lucky locating a Chevrolet or GMC 3+3 or a Dodge Crew Cab, but finding one of these beauties is going to be much more difficult. What you are looking at is a 1973 International 1210. For 1973 and 1974, International Harvester took one look at their Travelall utility vehicle and decided that if they hacked the roof off of the cargo area and converted that section into a pickup bed, it would make a great vehicle choice for people who wanted to haul a fifth-wheel trailer.

It’s unique, it’s old-school cool and it’s the right price for the Rough Start budget at $2,500. But up comes the question: what does it need? Well, in traditional Binder truck fashion, there’s a couple of rust spots that need to be addressed, and some of the interior pieces are currently removed (they are present, just disassembled to fix something.) Oh, and currently the front sheetmetal is off to do some repair work, so you’ll have to bolt that back together. And you might want to get some carpeting for the interior. But it’s a fairly rare International that could do daily-duty and haul plenty…is it worth it to you?

Craigslist Link: 1973 International Harvester 1210 Travelall Wagonmaster


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3 thoughts on “Rough Start: Try Something A Little Different – A 1973 International Wagonmaster!

  1. Bill Greenwood

    I thought those were called the “Travelette”. What’s interesting, IMHO, is how much they resemble the GMC/Chevy Avalanche of 30 years later.
    My former brother-in-law used to talk about the time he drove a 3/4 ton ‘Binder from Calgary to Cheyenne. Truck had a 392, 4.56’s, and a 12 gallon tank. He always figured he spent more time putting gas in than he did driving on that trip.
    The 3/4 tons had a solid cam and big single exhaust with just a resonator. No radio in that beast, either. He did embarrass a Camaro at a stoplight in Billings, though. Think low, low first gear.

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