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The Ultimate Odd Project: Be Adventurous, Grab A Wienermobile!

The Ultimate Odd Project: Be Adventurous, Grab A Wienermobile!

Is there anything more wholesome that rolls down the Interstates of America quite like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile? These rolling hot dogs travel the country with college seniors, known as “hotdoggers”, who roam the country for a year as part of a mobile marketing campaign to get more people to eat more Oscar Meyer-brand hot dogs, as well as to be a spokesperson for the company wherever the Wienermobile goes. Interesting enough, but for BangShift, it’s more of a neat footnote and not much more. But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe experiencing the lure of the road through the windshield of a giant weenie is exactly what you need in your life. You certainly would have flocks of fans trying to see if you have any WeenieWhistles to hand out, and if you took this to any kind of automotive function, like Power Tour, or a 24 Hours of LeMons race, you’d damn near be an instant minor celebrity.

So, what do we actually have here? According to the ad, it’s a 1991 Wienermobile…not too fresh, sadly. That would mean that it would have been a converted GM full-size van, but from what can be seen from the pictures, we don’t think the year is right. This weenie looks to be based on the GM W-series truck from about 1995 or so, with the clamshell door and the RV-like interior that is themed in hot dog and hot dog accessories, naturally. There isn’t anything sporty or quick about a 26-foot-long mobile weenie, but gearheads are an enterprising bunch. The only thing that we wonder about: wouldn’t Oscar Meyer themselves have something to say about a Wienermobile being in private hands?

Craigslist Link: Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Odd Project: Be Adventurous, Grab A Wienermobile!

  1. john

    “My balogna has a nickname it’s O S C A R….” Sorry…wrong lunch meat! But isn’t a hot dog a ” mini” balogna?? 🙂

  2. HotRodPop

    Heard about this on the radio last week and wondered why BangShift missed it. At the time, they said it was a private party “recreation”, and not a gennie Oscar. Makes as much difference to me as the Bond DB5 promo car going to auction in August, which is squat! Just a curiousity to a car guy. But if the above video is to be believed (and,I dunno, could be someone tryin’ ta [email protected]#k up the sale to their advantage), then that would explain the lack of photos!

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