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This 1934 International Is Big-Blocked, Bright Yellow And…Well, Look For Yourself…

This 1934 International Is Big-Blocked, Bright Yellow And…Well, Look For Yourself…

The question was innocent enough at first glance. As I sat at the computer working, BangShift contributor Scott Liggett shoots me a message: “You like 1934 International trucks?” While I’m always interested in seeing a good build, I couldn’t even picture the vehicle in question…old-school big trucks are more of Lohnes’ area, not mine, and I struggle with any vehicle pre-1950 as it is. So of course, I looked it up on Google, and found a picture of a 1934 C-3 flatbed:

International C-3

That was enough to pique my interest, so I asked what he had. His exact response: “One that is blog worthy. Not in a good way.” And of course, here’s my dumb ass, sitting at the computer waiting, like “How bad could this possibly be?” I knew he was attending a car show in Minden, Nebraska…it’s not like he could scar the inside of my retinas…

international international4

had to ask. I’m not even sure where to start, or if I even should start picking this thing apart. I’m sure somewhere near the cab area is something that was cranked out of the International factory in 1934. I’m just as sure that after that particular part of the cab, fenders, big-block Chevrolet engine and stacks, that I’m not sure I want to know what program was being followed here. I don’t know why the International radiator shell was ditched for a Ford piece that was too small, and I don’t know why a 1994 GMC Jimmy’s back bumper was attached. The rumble seat is a cool touch, but the wind-up key and strange lever system on the hump of this fly yellow creation just leave me scratching my head.

international7 international8

I’ve been bashed before because of my opinions on some people’s builds. I understand that there will be a natural reaction to me being against something, but c’mon…it has hubcap spinners, for the love of all that is good! A little tweaking here and there, and the Binder would be cool. A color change and it would be awesome. But as it sits right now, just no. Liggett, if I have nightmares about this thing, I’m coming after you.


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6 thoughts on “This 1934 International Is Big-Blocked, Bright Yellow And…Well, Look For Yourself…

  1. ted

    C’mon guys, no more pictures of guys dropping old pickup bodies on frames, then raising the wheels over the roofline.

    This has to be, bar none, the ugliest and most copied style ever devised.

    Please, no more of this look, or Mexican blankets thrown over uglyass interiors, or budnik steering wheels, lokar shifters or Camaros. Is that too much to ask?…

  2. jaygryph

    “I don’t like this, therefore it should be mocked. Hey guys, look at this thing that I don’t like.”

    Reddit has a group for shitty car mods. It used to be for things like AC units spray foamed into the side of minivans, but lately has been all rigs like this that honestly aren’t terrible, but are simply not to the taste of whoever posted it. Made the whole forum seem petty.

    As someone that’s been on the other end of bangshifts trash talking a rig, it’s kinda a detriment to the site to run ‘hey look at this shitty thing’ posts. Ends up coming across more as car guy bullying than behaving in a way inclusive and inviting to drag more people into car culture.

    Do as ya will I spose, it’s your site.

  3. Brett

    Appears to be a bit more Hot Wheels than Hot Rod, but I suspect it’s more representative of what the builder had laying around. Which is how most popular styles became popular, see Camero. Which I do second having no more of. Unless it’s a trar.

  4. Whelk

    I’d make some minor tweaks, but I kind of like it. What’s wrong with Lokar shifters anyway?

  5. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Awesome – apart from the ridiculous spare wheel!

    I’d be praying I didn’t get a puncture because then I’d be driving the world’s fastest lop-sided car…

  6. Scott Liggett

    When I was looking at it, I was thinking the over all build idea wasn’t horrid, just a lot of details. I have no idea where he found spinner hubcaps in all those sizes. Those spares look like they are there in case the car trailer has a blow out. The Big Bird yellow paint was causing vomit creep.

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