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Roadkill’s Muscle Truck Is Up For Auction! If You Have Lusted After The Loud And Proud Chevy C-10, Now’s Your Chance!

Roadkill’s Muscle Truck Is Up For Auction! If You Have Lusted After The Loud And Proud Chevy C-10, Now’s Your Chance!

Here is a surprise we weren’t ready to see…the Muscle Truck, Roadkill’s 1974 Chevrolet C-10 stepside, is currently sitting on eBay on auction! The Chevrolet has a strong connection to BangShift as well, since our own Chad Reynolds helped David Freiburger slap this bad mother together back in 2008, creating a legend that announces itself with a roar that we could listen to forever. The Chevy is powered by a pissed off GM LS motor, specifically the “front towards enemy” aluminum-block crate LS6 that is mostly stock, save for a Crane cam, roller rockers, BBK intake, MSD Atomic EFI, a Milodon oil pan and headers. Running through a full-manual Winters Turbo 400 with a GearVendors unit and turning 5.13 (!!) gears in a spooled Ford 9-inch, you will not be lacking for grunt..ever. The suspension is Ridetech airbags and control arms up front, and the rear has stock leafs with a flip kit, CalTracs, and Rancho RS9000 shocks.

muscle truck 2 muscle truck 3

Basically, anything you want to know about this truck exists in the public eye, either in Hot Rod’s historical articles or episodes of Roadkill. So why would you, the BangShift reader, be interested in a magazine’s project car? Because the Muscle Truck is the epitome of “don’t give a f***” hot rodding: Stout powertrain, decent suspension, enough creature comforts that you don’t need a walker after driving it for two hours, and enough attitude to freak out even the most jaded car enthusiast. You’re getting custom, handmade cup holders next to the Hurst QuarterStick, for Pete’s sake! We would do seriously bad things for this truck. There’s no punchline. We would.

eBay Link: 1974 Chevrolet C-10, Roadkill’s Muscle Truck

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19 thoughts on “Roadkill’s Muscle Truck Is Up For Auction! If You Have Lusted After The Loud And Proud Chevy C-10, Now’s Your Chance!

  1. 65RHDeer

    Sad to see the Muscle Truck being sold, I’ll never get to see it ever again.
    Watched it being built right here all those years ago, loved it ever since.

  2. Oklxs03

    50 GRAND?????? WTF? I don’t care about its history there is no way it’s worth that. Since everyone is on the LS band wagon surely anyone who wanted too could build something similar for less, and maybe it would run right ?

    1. tigeraid

      Someone’ll pay for it. It’s a pretty unique slice of hot rodding history. Celebrities (of a sort) owned and built it, that counts for something. Like buying a Batmobile, for example.

      1. jerry z

        Yes it’s a celebrity vehicle but still someone is over $50K for a clapped pickup!

        I wonder what they would get for the Rotsun? $20K? $30K?

        It just blows my mind how a $10K truck with some notoriety skyrockets 5X it’s value

        There is one born every minute.

    2. Turbo Regal

      No thanks. I think you could build one for a whole lot less plus you wouldn’t be digging sand out of every nook and cranny for years to come.

  3. geo815

    Woa, $50k? I didn’t realize that many Barrett Jackson, baby-boomer types watched that show.

  4. cool

    Love the show, love the truck, but $50,000+ for that is100% stupid. Somebody is paying a steep idiot tax on this one.

  5. Jim

    Probably end up like his suburban did with no one coughing up the money. Most likely see it again listed at a later date and yea 50 large is way to much.

  6. russell

    the 15 minutes of fame for the doofuses who built it are over.
    One of them (no names mentioned here to protect the innocent) once left the hallowed halls of Hot Rod et el & the corporation to pursue another a similar venue of online/video/ new age car media only to see it go bust but put blame on the “economy”. I see roadkill going down the same path it has made its zenith and now is descending with the novelty done-wored-off. Now those involved want to make money thru “Fees” to view or read their roadkill stuff etc. $50,000 for that clump of “yet-another-LS-build” truck? that indeed is where two fools meet, the fool who thinks its all that and the fool who wants it. Now everyone with a clapped out mid-70’s truck will think its worth pure gold because they saw’d on the internets. 🙂

    1. Loren

      As far as leaving the hallowed halls of Hot Rod, that was part of the adventure that got that truck built as I recall (and led to this site) and if a backer couldn’t continue to back for his own reasons prior to things becoming a self-sustaining enterprise, well that’s how it goes and it wasn’t due to any lack of effort on the part of anyone involved. Like him or don’t like him, Freiburger did as much or more to make Hot Rod an interesting place than anyone before or since, and how can you criticize a guy for putting his truck on E-Bay? That doesn’t mean he thinks it’s worth anything. Probably if I were him I’d have been dismayed as soon as the bids passed reality and went into stalker/troll/flake territory where the money may never materialize. That said, anybody with energy and ideas will always find the next interesting to be involved with whether that be the mag, the show, or whatever comes after that.

      1. Whelk

        It looks like Frieberger is givng up on the auction because of bogus bids and had a similar problem with email. Finnegan mention on a periscope today that DF had the same trouble when he was selling the Suburban.

        DF’s comments: http://fb.me/7KPfoLqK7

  7. sbg

    You know, it almost sounds like it’s Finnegan trying to sell it – because of the line “I drove it from LA to Georgia”

  8. Hemi Joel

    No way is the $50K legit. When something like this hits facebook, you get all the squirrels coming out of the woodwork to enter fake bids.

  9. derbydad276

    the only way Dave is going to be able to sell it is to sell it at one of Barrett-Jacksons auctions
    and my guess is that it will sell for big bucks there too but once the gavel drops you better have your check book out or you’re getting your ass kick’d

  10. Jay Bree

    50 large for a beat to death truck that was part of the “let’s tear up cars to sell clicks” era of Hot Rod?

    No thanks. That schtick was old a couple years ago.

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