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1978 Rally Nova For Sale With A Small Block And Rock Crusher Muncie 4-Speed And More!

1978 Rally Nova For Sale With A Small Block And Rock Crusher Muncie 4-Speed And More!

For years I refer to these Novas as “Wrong Year Novas” because they aren’t the ones everyone wants that are built between 1968 and 1972. Yes, the 1973 and 1974 models were essentially the same body but there were some trim, bumper, and lighting differences that made them totally different to most Nova owners and enthusiasts like me. In 1975 though they changed the body style completely and this is the result.

I used to hate this body style, but for some reason, as I get older some of there are weird year models that I kind of like again. This is one of them. Now I’m not going to buy one of these to make into a hot rod, but I can look at one like this and appreciate it. I also think this car would look pretty snazzy with two inches less ride height on the front, a pair of skinny Cragars up front, a couple of inches more width on the Cragars out back, and some 275/60/15 tires.

And did you see where it has a Rock Crusher Muncie in it? That’s what the seller says, and if that’s true then this thing makes all the right noises which makes me happy.

Here is the description from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD AND BUY THIS THING

1978 Nova Rally Custom Coupe, 350 CID 4BBL engine Munci 4speed rock crusher close ratio transmission, Hurst shifter Eaton positraction rear with 411 gears, magnaflow exhaust, shatter proof bell housing, cold air conditioning, tilt wheel, tinted windows, cabriolet vinyl top,
high rise fiberglass hood, new interior from Ecklers Nova, A rotisserie restoration, finished in a stunning BASF deep maroon metalic paint approximately 12,000 since build, tinted glass, Cragar mag wheels Clean rust free undercarriage. .A real head turner/trophy winner. This car runs and drives excellent, no issues WILL ASSIST WITH SHIPPING

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4 thoughts on “1978 Rally Nova For Sale With A Small Block And Rock Crusher Muncie 4-Speed And More!

  1. Swezo

    Great Share!
    I would like to welcome you to our Swezo Community! A great place to take care of your vehicles. Find the right service for your car and get quotes from trusted mechanics and auto part sellers around you.

  2. Piston Pete

    The puffy vinyl top is atrocious, but other than that it’s pretty sweet and the price doesn’t seem unreasonable. I’d go for it.
    Many years ago I had a ’78 4 door (each member of the family had their own door) Nova that I bought from a little old lady, drove it for a few years, sold it to a co-worker and bought it back a year later. Then I pulled the 350 and sold the roller to a guy who said he was gonna race it at Muncie Dragway. It must have been a fleet car because it was Air Force blue and when I pulled the oil pan it had 4 bolt mains. Turns out the wrong year car was just right.

  3. Inovation

    I own a 77 Concours nova , jet black , half black padded roof , red bucket seat interior with console just the way it was ordered , Cowl hood , 406 sbc turbo 350 and 410 gears . Lowered the front suspension and a little in the rear , Cal tracs in the rear. Can honestly say that your not going to see any at your local car show , Built it 8 years ago and still love driving it .

  4. Anthony

    Plenty around in the 80s jacked up with Cragars. Seemed very popular then. This car is sharp,I’d rock it any time.

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