Check Out Who Bought The “Quiet One” 1980 C-10 With The 572 On Spray In It!

Check Out Who Bought The “Quiet One” 1980 C-10 With The 572 On Spray In It!

When McTaggart found this truck on Jalopnik, and then went searching Craigslist for the rest of the details, nobody in their right mind thought the blog item would turn out to get such a following. (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED IT) Sure it’s a sleeper truck like none other, but holy crap the world went crazy. So you can imagine my surprise when the new owner emailed me to tell me the story of how it came to be his, and how he “autographed” many a road between Oklahoma and his hometown of Kansas City. He also sent TONS of pictures and a burnout video!



Here is the story as told by new owner Dustin Hornor himself.

“I had been looking for an all original low low mile c10 to start working with. This one already had the goods and only 34,000 original miles. Whaa?!
I saw it on BangShift at lunch, and by 5pm I had gone to the bank and was headed from KC to Woodward, OK.
Oh, and after finishing the paperwork, before I left for home I looked at my watch, it was 10:49am CT. I said “I think Drag Week registration starts in 10 minutes.”  I raced to a hotel, used their “business center,” sat down with the new title in hand at 10:59 and signed the new ride up for DW 2015.
Saturday I drove it from Woodward, OK back to KC, 400 miles. It ran flawlessly, and I donated rubber to plenty of two lane roads between here and Oklahoma. Kind of like a bread crumb trail, so I can find my way back. When I got back to KC  I was sunburnt, exhausted, and deaf, but still smiling!  (you know a little about that…DW 2014 ring any bells?)
C10 burnout
Rodney, the guy who sold it to me, called and said his son showed him the BangShift blog, and Super Chevy picked it up also. Had he known it was an Internet celebrity the price would of gone up. That’s why I just took off to Oklahoma as soon as I saw it. Lol.
My wife wasn’t too impressed. But she’ll learn to love it.
Nice find! One of the few craigslist or eBay cars I’ve bought that was better than it looked or was advertised.
In fact come to think of it. Rodney Ogden the guy I bought it off of said he knew your dad (Chad’s Dad) in Texas. Can’t remember how. But we talked for a bit about it. He pointed to a motor in his barn and said your dad was responsible for him buying the motor. He had so many other toys we talked about I forget half the stuff.
Keep up the good work guys and see ya at DW 2015! I’m excited to get started testing and tuning it.  Not sure how long that 10 bolt will survive, so I’ll probably just stay NA this year. It hasn’t seen much track time.  I’m sure it’ll outrun my safety equipment with nitrous anyhow, and I’m not cutting it up for a cage!”
Below are a bunch more photos of the trip home, a trip to Home Depot for mulch for the Misses, and some more fun tire smokers, and build photos from the original owners. And BURNOUT VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

IMG_0965 IMG_0970

IMG_0986 IMG_0989

IMG_0993 2  IMG_1018 2 IMG_0995 2 IMG_0997 2

IMG_1013 IMG_0381 IMG_0379 IMG_0378 IMG_0295 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0302 IMG_0305

Thanks Dustin for sharing your story! We love it, and can’t wait to get some behind the scenes video and photos in preparation for Drag Week!

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13 thoughts on “Check Out Who Bought The “Quiet One” 1980 C-10 With The 572 On Spray In It!

  1. mooseface

    When I began reading this page, my very first thought was “I hope the new owner signs up for Drag Week with this thing.” This is just plain incredible! A great, well-built truck to a guy who seems like he loves every little bit of it!

  2. Bryan McTaggart

    This just made my morning. I think I’m happier to see it being used as a truck more than I am seeing it fry the hides. Glad to see it went to a good home!

    1. Beagle

      An old fashioned steel plate gooseneck setup would help make it sleepier and aid traction! lol.

      What a great follow up for the story, looking forward to seeing more!

  3. BeaverMartin

    I live close to Kansas City (Leavenworth). Note to self, DO NOT stage next to a red grandpa C10!



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