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Could This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Be Pro-Luxury Greatness? Or Does Mopar Weirdness Pose Too Big A Hurdle?

Could This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Be Pro-Luxury Greatness? Or Does Mopar Weirdness Pose Too Big A Hurdle?

McTaggart used to own one of these things and I’m not sure who wanted to scream at it more sometimes, me, him, or his wife. The car had that cool 1980’s look, but nothing interchanged with anything else, or at least none of the important stuff did, the trim and Imperial specific stuff was impossible to find, and like most American 1980’s machines they just weren’t a great car. I’ve always thought of them as Chryslers answer to the Mark VII Lincoln, but the Lincoln was at least Fox Body based which means parts were easy to find for much of that thing. And, well, Fox Body… Just saying.

At any rate, this Imperial is a pretty fine example, albeit it is still a 1980’s Chrysler product, and it got me wondering if it could be made into a great Pro-Luxury machine. If you aren’t familiar with Pro-Luxury, think luxury, but with pro-touring style power, suspension, and brakes that make it a riot to drive but that do NOT take away from the luxury side. Think CTS-V, but old.

We were sent this one from longtime BANGshifter Rocco Bastone, and if you have something cool you think we should see then hit the Submit Content button and we’ll check it out.

Here is the original ad: CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT!

1983 Chrysler IMPERIAL last of the big MOPAR luxury cars b4 the K car era
Car was featured in movies(Sharky’s machine, Stick, Gumball Rally, Fast Furious etc) because of its unique styling, Lee Iaccoca’s first project
with Chrysler. Hi Tech for the time, Digital dash etc
I also like Cadillac s, but your getting more looks in this, more unique and a real cool guys car. The Imperial uses the bullet proof 318/5.2L Unlike the Cadillac goofball engines in the 80’s that were fried at 90k miles

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR phone # for a callback, no email responses
Not selling anywhere near 5000(( Last one on Ebay sold for 6800,it had Dull paint, cloth seats, bondo)) This car has the Mark Cross leather interior and Cartier crystal penta star badges. Money was spent,from paint, radio tape restore, NOS steering wheel etc. Not a restored car, but clean updated.

Rare to find in this low mileage only 47k miles

Not a sunbaked southern car or rustbelt car driven daily. INTERIOR is stunning and no body rust

Super COLOR combo, Midnight Blue (Night watchman blue) you usually find these that have survived in a Granny color like Green, beige.
Runs like new, drove 300 miles straight home, firm shifting transmission

Low miles AND the engine was re-sealed (gaskets perish in time) no leaks, oil pan is painted shows work

Everything works…. original radio restored at $350 , Gas gauge always shows FULL, Lots of paperwork comes with the car, including sealed Chrysler music cassettes 2 photos are from last fall in the sun

Looking to buy Mid 80’s Eldorado , Biaritz stainless roof car. 1st gen Monte Carlo. 1965 Impala Wagon ( cars I had) Also available 1976 Dodge Hippy van survivor $9K

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3 thoughts on “Could This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Be Pro-Luxury Greatness? Or Does Mopar Weirdness Pose Too Big A Hurdle?

  1. Loren

    That is ‘way far down the road of being the opposite of anything I’d ever care about. That said, I’ve heard essentially the same remark from others about a number of cars I’ve owned, and I’m always for preserving a bit of history if you’ve got the space. Maybe check the back of the headrests for footprints…


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