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This Dart (Yes, Dart) Can Be Yours For About Seven Grand. How Weird Do You Wanna Be?

This Dart (Yes, Dart) Can Be Yours For About Seven Grand. How Weird Do You Wanna Be?

I need warning before looking at something like this. I was tipped off to an ad for a 1965 Dodge Dart…not my favorite, but hey, not bad either. Then the pictures loaded up and I yelped out “WTF?” without knowing my mother-in-law was nearby.


Honestly, after she saw the pictures, she understood. This Dart is for sale at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Illinois and is a throwback to the late 1970s Street Freaks. I think. Here’s what I understand from the ad: At some point in time a ’77 Pontiac Firebird nose made it’s way onto the Dart. Guess Exner styling wasn’t the owner’s thing. From there, a mailbox scoop got attached to the hood and a tach was mounted in the back of it. The dashboard was gutted and a single plank was used to put in gauges. The same Pontiac donated it’s steering wheel and Hobbes the Tiger was skinned to make the seats. The wheelbase looks altered by more than a little bit in the back and the roof was hacked up into a targa top. The rear bumper was formed using what appears to be a ’78-’81 Camaro bumper cap, the rear spoiler looks like it was stolen from a Honda Del Sol. The good parts include the period-correct Cragars and small/large tire setup, and the side pipes add to the comedy of this car.

If I squint at the front shot a little I can see a little late 1970s Pontiac Sunbird, but after that this thing just makes me think of all that was wrong with the late ’70s. Someone with an open shirt, gold chain, permed mullet and a porn ‘stache needs this car now.

CLICK HERE to check out the AutoTrader Classics listing for this Dart, if you dare.


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14 thoughts on “This Dart (Yes, Dart) Can Be Yours For About Seven Grand. How Weird Do You Wanna Be?

  1. John T

    deary lordy wordy me…. like we always say with these truly obscene vehicles, why didn’t the perp take a step backward and say ` what have I done?’ I once spent 3 days flaming a 68 Falcon over black paint; went inside the house when it was done and as I walked back out and saw it from afar just thought ` no. no, that looks pretty horrible’ didn’t even stop to think about what a waste of time it’d been, went straight back into sanding and re-painted it black. I just wish this dude had a moment like that before he’d gone too far….

  2. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Jesus H Christ in a chariot driven sidecar. Whoever did that should be beaten vigorously about the head and shoulders, until great bodily harm has been inflicted. And then again monthly.

  3. OpC

    Is this a terribly failed attempt to recreate the Fireball 500 car?

    Does it have a Slant 6 too?


    This is wrong,unecessary, and very cruel to the innocent vehicle that rolled off the assembly line and to all reading this.
    Friends,you know who you are.
    Offer to intervene on behalf of the car and to stop further hot rod unhappiness.

  5. Monty

    At the risk of sounding like a hoodlum…. I’d weld the diff, put a bull bar on it and go murder some garbage cans. Screw it!!

  6. Monk

    I drive by this place several times a month traveling in Illinois.

    I always wanted to stop by and take some photos…………they’ll have
    over a hundred cars for sale.

    Most are good starter cars for projects……….this one here is one
    gone haywire to say the least.

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