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Drag Week 2020 Is Cancelled, But Rock Mountain Race Week 2.0 IS A GO FOR SEPTEMBER! Street Car Racing Is Still Happening!

Drag Week 2020 Is Cancelled, But Rock Mountain Race Week 2.0 IS A GO FOR SEPTEMBER! Street Car Racing Is Still Happening!

UPDATE: It’s on folks! Matt and June and the gang at Rocky Mountain Race Week have come to the rescue and are going to be holding Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0 in September during the time that should have been Hot Rod Drag Week. With Drag Week being cancelled, Matt immediately started looking for tracks willing to open up and has spent the last few days getting everything set and ready to rock. Thanks to some great tracks, great work by good people, and plenty of good luck there is officially going to be a Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0 (The Cancelled Drag Week Edition)!


Here is the preliminary information from Matt’s Facebook Post! It will be held September 13-17 and will have the following schedule.

Attention in the pits Race Week 2.0 is a go
Here is the schedule
TULSA 9/13 Tech from 7 to 3 pm track will be hot from 4 to 10pm
TOPEKA 9/14 track goes hot at 4pm to 10pm
NOBLE 9/15 track goes hot at 4pm until 10pm
GREATBEND 9/16 track goes hot at 4pm this to 10PM
TULSA 9/17 Track goes hot at 3Pm until 9PM award after that .
Spectators are welcome Adults 15 and kids under 12 free .
We will post info on sign up in the next few days we have a couple small details to work out so it goes Smooth we are going to cap it at 300 cars we will have extra staff to make sure that everything Goes smooth . Entry will 375 and there will be no refunds on entry we use your Money to buy the shirts you are provided pay for the tracks, stickers trophies and operation expenses . Almost all that has to be payed for in advance so we are just being transparent about the fact there is no Refunds .
I am super excited that we can make this happen we have to keep the sport alive and just in general keep spirits high in a time like this and I am happy to be able to offer a small part of that so get things in order and let’s go play I hope everyone is ready to knock it out if the park we will be back in touch very soon with the rest if the details .
If you would like to be a sponsor please get ahold of June or I we have all but two classes that need to have class sponsor . If you were a sponsor for the first event we will keep you on the shirts for this event thanks for your support . Matt and June.


Original Post

Yep, the sad news that Drag Week 2020 was cancelled happened a few days ago, and it makes us sad but is not surprising. With one of the tracks closing for the year weeks ago, and at least one other track wanting to get out of holding the event, there wasn’t much hope on our end that this thing was actually going to happen. But thinking it would be cancelled and it actually getting cancelled are two different things and so it sucks for everyone that counts on this event each and every year. In this video you’ll see Alex and Dennis Taylor talking about the event, the cancellation, and hinting at something else that is maybe possibly kinda in the works. Trust me, that isn’t a click bait routing any more than the video title is. There is something in the works to try and salvage the time off and everything else for Drag Week Racers. So don’t cancel the vacation plans yet. The route won’t be the same, but the time frame would be, so keep those dates open!

I wish we could give you all the details and info right now, but things are still in the works and still not confirmed. But know that there is a promoter out there working to make this a reality for everyone.

Until we have 100% confirmation we won’t say anything more. But rest assured that when it is 100% we will tell the world.


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8 thoughts on “Drag Week 2020 Is Cancelled, But Rock Mountain Race Week 2.0 IS A GO FOR SEPTEMBER! Street Car Racing Is Still Happening!

  1. OKSnake08

    2021 was going to be my first Drag Week since 2014. New car and new co -pilot (my wife Roxanne) so now I need the website not to crash and to be one of the lucky few that get into 2021…..here’s to hoping. I signed up for 2015 after running 2010-14 but couldn’t make it so I know what the fail feels like. Here’s to good weather, new friends, long days (and nights!) and the best vacation ever that leaves me totally spent with a grin on my face. Cheers to all raise a glass and we’ll be there next year !

  2. Danno

    I hope they can get Lohnes and Friesandaburger to do the track announcing. It just wouldn’t be a drag week without them in the booth.

  3. bob

    But if you are a brain dead little anarchist / blm rioter / looter / chicken s***t masked people beater your events are



  4. OKSnake08

    Wow,just Wow. I don’t think that with proper precautions there is any insane risk for this event. I have never run RMRW but I’ve done DW 4 times You spend a lot of time packing /unpacking your car and sitting in staging lanes. Even at track nights it’s not like people are less than 3 feet apart and frequently more, it’s hot in the lanes and we aren’t hugging .. I don’t have the vacation time left to do this but other wise I’d be getting the car ready now. I drive an LTL truck for a living and I mask up and keep 6 feet away and use sanitizer and wash my hands whenever I can. I’ve never stopped working and check my temp morning and evening. These things aren’t hard to do and the people that show up for these events aren’t stupid and will wrench , loan parts and help in any way they can. So though I haven’t met anyone running this event I’d bet I’m safer there than at the grocery or convenience store and I would gladly swap a week of work and shopping to run it. If you think the risk is too great then don’t go. Do not, however label them as idiots or anything other name you want to call them. We all take chances when we make a pass or run an event like this if it’s too much for you stay home but don’t question the people who make an informed decision. Cheers to all wish I could be there – if anyone needs a hand or a tool while they are in Tulsa I’d be glad to help if I can!

  5. Anthony B Thomas

    I’m ready, I was going to just show up to DW with my Cobalt SS. But now that don’t know if I’ll have it back together in time to run Rocky Mountain and up to speed, I can just run the new car as in 2020 new car.


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