Buy A Trailer…And Haul It Around With This 1961 Ford C-700!

Buy A Trailer…And Haul It Around With This 1961 Ford C-700!

I get excited when I see an old workhorse truck that has been treated to a full build. It’s not like a hot rod, or a ’70 Chevelle, or a late-model that’s prettied up…someone went to some serious lengths in order to turn what was the automotive equivalent of the Clydesdale horse into a fully custom machine that can still put in work if needed. Someone scraped off years of grime and grease, cleaned every last surface possible, and above all of that still went through with everything else. That’s dedication. That’s badass. That’s why this 1961 Ford C-700 has my attention…someone went full-kill on this build and was doing well up until life hit them hard. Sadly, the builder is selling due to a traumatic brain injury that is keeping them from finishing up the build. Hopefully, whoever scores this rig can do them proud.

What’s already done is pretty outstanding. The frame is all custom, the powertrain is a 5.9 Cummins yanked from a school bus, and between the three fuel tanks you’ll have a combined 296 gallons of go-juice on board for your trip, come whatever may. The front axle and the forward rear axle are from a Dodge one-ton, the rearmost a Chevrolet 10-bolt. Tires are new, lights are LED, and the cab speaks for itself. You finish up the wiring, brakes, exhaust, air system, fuel lines, linkages, front brakes and some other odds and ends and you’ll be ready to roll.

eBay Link: 1961 Ford C-700 

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5 thoughts on “Buy A Trailer…And Haul It Around With This 1961 Ford C-700!

  1. Tim Feidt

    What a compliment!!! Thank you for the interest in my truck. I just posted this on eBay yesterday. You\’ll find it on eBay if you enter 1961 Ford C700. Have a great day!

  2. Dustin T Pollard

    Figures its a vet haha. I was reading the paragraph about scraping all the grime off, something im all too familiar with, and the dedication. For some reason after the military, if i don\’t get dirty doing it, then it wasn\’t rewarding, but i wasn\’t exactly the office type. I started with garden tractors and bought a 68 International Loadstar 1700 4×4 a few months ago. I wish i had this guys capabilities, that thing is amazing.


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