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The “WTF?” Files: Somewhere Within This Monster Is A 1970 Opel GT. If You Say So…

The “WTF?” Files: Somewhere Within This Monster Is A 1970 Opel GT. If You Say So…

Every so often I come to the conclusion that I’ve seen just about every form of four-wheeled oddity there can be out there…and usually, three seconds after I have come to that conclusion, I find something that shatters that premise like a storefront window. I’ve seen all manner of trars, buses, trucks, cars, hackery and straight-up butchery. What more could there be?

opel2Let’s gather this one up in one shot: What you are looking at is a tube-framed 1970 Opel GT that was the recipient of a rhinoplasty and a bed conversion, packing two trimmed-out LT-1 small-blocks hooked to one 700R4 automatic, painted “arrest me” red with flames, with sidepipes and a Top Fuel-style wing. Someone had a bent to have the most ballistic machine to ever appear at a Cars and Coffee. Or maybe they saw Yannick Sire’s “Priapism” twin-engined monster. We don’t know if we will ever get an answer, but we are glad that the gonzo, over-the-top style of building something is still around. It’s a shocker and certainly will have both it’s fans and detractors, but you know it has to be a riot when you smash your foot down and sixteen cylinders of psychosis undiagnosed comes screaming out for the world to hear…

opel3 opel4

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9 thoughts on “The “WTF?” Files: Somewhere Within This Monster Is A 1970 Opel GT. If You Say So…

  1. Todd Wimberly

    I hope this car was beyond restoration/repair when they started, any other throwaway non-desirable body would have sufficed and had the same affect.

  2. john

    The owner would have had a gorgeous front end but…the builder died …he was found wrapped in a “caterpillar cacoon” of fiberglass. A note was found. 🙂

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    This is a prime example of what happens when one ingests huge quantities of LSD and repairs to the garage for weeks on end living off old Summit catalogues and drinking one’s own urine.

    This classic car killing numbskull should have his eyes and hands removed so he can never, never inflict such a hideous monstrosity on us again!

  4. Dave

    The guy who built it is from New Castle Indiana. He always builds stuff that is different including twin engine motorcycles.

  5. ratty

    too freakin’ cool! have always wanted to build a twin engine setup, just for fun… but it has to be done right, and this one looks like everything is done right! the only thing that I revolted at, were those seats… i threw up in my mouth the moment I saw them, but no problem, they can be easily tossed and replaced with a set of Kirkey Pro-Street’s. Props to the builder!

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