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This Factory Hemi Road Runner Is Mean, Clean, And Hiding A BangShift Approved Hot Rod Secret

This Factory Hemi Road Runner Is Mean, Clean, And Hiding A BangShift Approved Hot Rod Secret

The Chrysler hemi was introduced in March of 1964 and lots of us in the hot roddy media business are honoring it in different ways. Consider the highlighting of this totally awesome factory hemi 1969 Road Runner as another of those small honors. This car is so good I can hardly stand it and when you see what the “secret” it is hiding is, you’ll dig it even more. Personally, I think a hemi Road Runner is tops when it comes to factory muscle cars. They were what all of us knuckle dragging guys love. Devoid of most every option other than the best motor, engine, and transmission available, they were good at nothing other than running their asses off in a straight line. This car was ordered along those lines when new because it has a bench seat, rubber floor mats, and a four speed. OOGA BOOGA!

The body is mint, the interior is mint, the underside is perfect and the seller claims that he sticks it on a lift and cleans the BOTTOM of the car every time he drives it. The guy clearly knows what he has and is taking care to keep it absolutely show worthy. Granted, the guy only drives it 10 miles per month. On the plus side he keeps it full of 110 octane race gas which is far superior than the crap you get from the pump today which would be eating the fuel system as we type this.

So this secret we have been hinting at? The factory block is stock, the carbs are right, and the rest of the motor looks to be correct, but the car was drag raced at some point in its life and during that period and a big cam, 12:1 compression, and 4:10 gears were all part of that equation. That makes the car less streetable (but on 110-octane it is at least doable) but it must sound like nothing else at the cruise night, that is for sure. This is one bad ass hunk of iron and it is 100% BangShift approved!

Scroll down for photos and the link for the eBay link to this awesome car –

hemi1 hemi2 hemi3 hemi4 hemi5 hemi6


eBay Link: Factory Hemi Road Runner with worked up motor


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20 thoughts on “This Factory Hemi Road Runner Is Mean, Clean, And Hiding A BangShift Approved Hot Rod Secret

  1. Lee

    Nice except AFAIK, the only 1969 Road Runners to get Raised White Letter tires were those ordered with the Spring Special and had to specify T87: F70x14 RWL fiberglass belted. To be correct this RR should have either F70x15 Redline FGB or F70x15 Whiteline FGB tires. And the Master Cylinder is supposed to be painted Gloss Black

  2. GuitarSlinger

    Great car and all but kind of pathetic that the guy only drives it ten miles a month . For the love of all things GearHead …. its a Freaking CAR !!! … not even all factory original ….. and NOT a goram museum piece of art !!!

    So ……DRIVE … the damn thing !!! Or sell it to someone who will

    [ I really despise car/bike owners of any kind that don’t use their cars/bikes for its intended purpose …. and on a regular basis … honestly … methinks this owner needs to turn in his GearHead card … IMO .. he’s 100% BS approved … and I don’t mean BangShift 😉 ]

    1. Fiatdude

      Man, that’s Harsh — — I had a good friend that had a ’67 BB 4-speed Convertible Corvette — He was afraid to drive a $100K+ car around — YOU know the kind of idiots that are out there — He came out of store once and there was a guy putting his grimmy ass kid into the car so he could take a picture of him, and that’s not the worse thing that happened….. This car has to be worth twice that much easily — — I’m really amazed that he drives it that much — —

      I really doubt any of you would dare walk off and leave a quarter of a million dollars of cash setting in a parking space — what makes you think there is a difference between a pile of cash and a car……

    2. Fiatdude

      Damn — That car sold for $72,000 on e-bay — what a steal —

      Maybe the new owner will drive it down to the market for the idiots to door ding the shit out of it

    3. 38P

      I’m glad there are preservationists in the hobby who don’t selfishly “use up” every available example of every rare and irreplaceable milestone vehicle . . . .

    4. rodzilla

      I agree, but, as usual, there are those who bring up the “it’s an investment” argument. “It’s an investment” is one of the reasons these kinds of cars are priced out of the reach of the average car guy.
      And no one is suggesting that anyone leave this vehicle unattended, in a public place, any more than they would a Lamborghini, for example. Driving a car does not mean running errands. DRIVE THAT SUCKER! And that does not mean street racing. Tooling around town can also be exhilarating.
      As far as the using up of a vehicle, so long as it is not allowed to rust, and can be spared from an accident, everything else can be rebuilt. For now, anyway. But then, there is the feeling that a high mileage vehicle is not worth nearly as much as a trailer queen. One more thing real car guys don’t value as much as condition.

  3. jerry z

    For once GuiterSlinger I couln’t agree more. That is one reason I wouldn’t want that car because I’d drive the snot out of it!

  4. C Royer

    My hot rod is worth 1/10th of that car, got hit and run and its making me crazy, would be so paranoid to drive that car, way to much stress, thinking about leaving my car primered so I can enjoy driving it more!


    Killer car but I have to agree. If I had money to buy a 75K dollar Camaro and drive it every day why wouldnt I drive this often? Who says that if you drive it you have to stop and go shopping and crap like that. When I go for a drive it is to go for a drive, for the pleasure of being behind the wheel of the car I love, hearing the exhaust roar when I hit the loud peddle, feeling the torque smash you back against the seat, tires spinning when you pull 2nd, 3rd…who the hell stops to go shopping and let it sit in a parking lot?

  6. Beaver Martin

    Great car, but I like mine a little rougher. I think ya’ll are being a little over critical of the owner though. Think about it, 10 miles a month equates to 30-40 trips down the quarter depending on if you trailer it there or not. That’s how I’d use it at least, alas I’m poor.

  7. 440 6Pac

    Maybe we can sell the grandyoungins and get it. 🙂
    That banging sound y’all heard was my wife emptying my .357 into me. :).

  8. Scott Liggett

    One of my favorite Mopars for sure.

    I don’t understand some people liking the rubber floor mats. Personally, I think they are hideous. They are also hot and weigh one helluva lot more than a carpet does. At least from my experience of pulling a couple out of cars.

  9. 3nine6

    Don’t drive it? Boooooring.. And to Lee, re: wrong tires and the black master cylinder, get a life dude.

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