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This Unopened Case Of 1970 Hot Wheels Redline Cars Has Been Bid To Over $30,000 And The Auction Ends Today – Where Will It Stop?

This Unopened Case Of 1970 Hot Wheels Redline Cars Has Been Bid To Over $30,000 And The Auction Ends Today – Where Will It Stop?

$322.91, that’s the current value per unit of the contents inside the box you see above. In that box are Hot Wheels cars but that’s not just any box and those aren’t just any cars. What you are looking at is a sealed, never opened, case of 96 Hot Wheels Redline cars. What the hell is a Redline? Basically, every Hot Wheels car produced between 1968 and and 1977 had a red stripe on the outside of the tires, hence the Redline nomenclature. Why are they worth so much? Who the hell knows. People collect action figures and pay stupid money for them so why no toy cars, right? Currently on eBay there are a BUNCH of individual Redline era cars selling for at or damned close to $1,000 a piece, which means that this box is still a hella big bargain because whoever gets it will be able to bust it open and sell the cars in their original packaging for at least a grand and probably more…a piece!

We’re not even counting the fact that there may be at least one (or more) of the specialty cars that were produced each year. Some of those from this same era are well north of $2,000 on eBay. As of this moment, (9:39 EST on Wednesday) the bidding sits at $33,100. As a point of reference, I drove to New Jersey for the NHRA national event in an Audi A3 press car which is a fine automobile with a turbocharged engine, leather interior, heated seats, and pretty sweet styling. It retails for $34,400 as tested. This box will blow past the cost of a new freaking Audi by the time the bidding is done at 5pm EST today. Keep checking back on this blog item and the link below to see where the damage stops on this box of wonder and mystery.

Of course the next question that arises….will the new buyer actually open the box?


box2 box3


CLICK HERE to check in on the insane bidding for this unopened box of Hot Wheels cars from 1970

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16 thoughts on “This Unopened Case Of 1970 Hot Wheels Redline Cars Has Been Bid To Over $30,000 And The Auction Ends Today – Where Will It Stop?

  1. Gearhead1960

    I’m not surprised at all. I’ve sold year 1 and year 2 models on Ebay for hundreds of dollars and they weren’t even in mint condition. These early Hot Wheels can command some serious bucks, especially when New in Box!

  2. Doc

    Put it away in a dry sealed environement and bring it back in 20 years and make a good profit.
    But not me, I would rip the thing open and would need to unpack at least one or two cars.

  3. john

    Hope the box wasn’t stored in an attic in Van Nuys, Ca. The avg. temps are high in the summer.

  4. Jesse

    If you zoom in on the packing tape on one end, it has the names of some of the cars I’m guessing are inside. Some of those are high $.

  5. Sid

    No, no, no.

    No, whats insane is the guy is still charging 14 bucks and change for shipping.

  6. 440 6pac

    If that case has been stored in a humid area I wouldn’t give $10 for it. But That doesn’t look like that’s the case here. Still $34,300? And reserves ain’t even met yet? I don’t think so.

  7. TheSilverBuick

    lol, funny comparison that a box of old hot wheels cost more than a brand new Audi, lol. True, but funny.

  8. Burner303

    If you think the price of this is insane, imagine if the box was from 68, with the first run of cars. That might break six figures.

    The more insane thing about those early redlines is that there are reproduction parts for them! And some people actually professionally restore them! Can’t find many reproduction parts 68-70 Buicks, but you can find reproduction interiors, windows, and wheels for 68-70 hot wheels!

  9. jerry z

    There is one car I still have which is the Red Baron! (Well its hiding in the house somewhere!)

    Less than a hr to go and so far over 38K. Reserve still not met!

    1. brandon

      if there are 96 vehicles, how many of each casting because there are cars from both 1970 and 1971 in the box.

  10. ratpatrol66

    Someone from the Hot wheels collector forum may have bought this. Insane! I collected Hot Wheels cars for years, maybe have a couple thousand? Had to quit that and start buying real cars. Early red lines are in high demand, but DAMN! $40,200 and the reserve was not met

  11. Wheels

    I’d be curious to what the reserve was.

    So what are the chances that since this story has been pretty well publisized that this auction is relisted in the very near future??

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