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The 20 Coolest Station Wagons From Goodguys Del Mar – Wagons Forever!

The 20 Coolest Station Wagons From Goodguys Del Mar – Wagons Forever!

We’ve always loved station wagons here at BangShift. Heck, Chad rose to hot rodding infamy starting with “Rusty” his 1956 Chevy wagon (which we seriously promise will run again at some point before the end of time) and I unsuccessfully demo derbied Chevy wagons in my past. Chad’s example is far better than mine but long story short, we have always been into station wagons and their potential as cool project fodder. During our time at the 2014 Goodguys event at Del Mar, California we scoured the grounds for cool wagons to show you. From the hundreds of photos we got, we took this gallery of 20 photos to give you the best of the best.

The major brands are all represented here and the wagons range from absolutely barge like units to classic “shoebox” shapes that are far smaller but no less cool. As drag cars wagons are great because you are dealing with more weight over the rear tires and that always helps to plant them and get the car rolling. You can sleep in ’em, haul motors in ’em, and load a group of your friends and all their junk in with room to spare. So far they sound like the perfect vehicle, right? They are and this gallery will prove it.


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One thought on “The 20 Coolest Station Wagons From Goodguys Del Mar – Wagons Forever!

  1. Don Stone

    While some wagons are cool. The pics here show no justice to the beauty of so many different cars at DelMar. I was there and was trully blown away by the shear numbers of beautiful cars being shown. I wish I could have just sat and watched them as they drove in on the little main street. But I got so caught up in watching the autocross, by the time I was done, I wasn’t feeling too well so I kinda sped thru the hundreds of beautiful cars on display. I can’t wait til the next Good Guys show at DelMar. Please don’t take this as bashing on BangShifts wagon photography. I am just saying what an awesome show it was.

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