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2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Gallery: Tons of Photos From the Muskegon Stop!

2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Gallery: Tons of Photos From the Muskegon Stop!

(Photos by Chris Chenlo) – As you all know, the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour got underway a few days ago and the massive group of cars is working their way through the center of the country to their ultimate destination of Arlington, Texas where the tour will end this year. BangShift reader Chris Chenlo hit the stop in Muskegon on Sunday and sent us a ton of great photos! It looks like the weather was perfect and the cars? Well they showed up in droves.

We’re breaking Chris’s stuff into two galleries, this is the first one of about 130 photos. He did a nice job getting shots of stuff both entering and leaving the show and parked on display. People can say what they want about the Power Tour and take pot shots at it, but that is 100% lame in our opinion. These are thousands of people driving their hot rods, muscle cars, classic trucks, and home built creations. THAT is what this hobby is about! If we had to guess, Chris may be a bit of a Mopar guy because there are many great photos of vintage Mope hotness when you hit the link!

Thanks to Chris Chenlo for the photos! Hit the link below and enjoy!



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3 thoughts on “2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Gallery: Tons of Photos From the Muskegon Stop!

  1. Greg

    Great shots Chris.
    Those who don’t like Power Tour should choose to NOT participate in it, and leave it at that.

  2. Joe

    It was great. We followed them in from about 40 miles away.Lots of people on corners watching. The local newspaper estimated a crowd of 50,000. On a side not. This is really sad but shows support for all motorsports. Anyone who was there had to notice the huge gathering at the Harley Davidson dealership.A couple of days before there was a terrible accident in Wisconsin. A group of local bikers “The Muskegon motorcycle gang” were touring in Wisconsin when a guy crossed the center line and ran head on into them. 5 or 6 where injured critically, and unfortunately one rider was killed.They brought his body back on the ferry from Wisconsin and he was escorted to his home town. The reason I mentioned this is because whether it is bike or cars we are a close knit bunch. I did see that contributions were being taken for the family at the Powertour. Lots of people helped out.It was just great sowing of support.

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