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Cynthiana Rod Run 2014 – Take A Photo Tour Through This Huge and Diverse Show

Cynthiana Rod Run 2014 – Take A Photo Tour Through This Huge and Diverse Show

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Cynthiana, KY is a small town with a lot of history.  The effort behind their yearly rod run shows how this community has worked together to create one of the biggest car events in Kentucky and one that can appeal to everyone, gearhead or not.    Shops and store roll out the red carpet and many offer special discounts just for the event.  Many vendors setup all over town providing everything from hotdogs to sunglasses to water (A highly-prized commodity at this year’s event).  It was muggy and warm out at the event this year, but that is to be expected in August.  It didn’t seem to keep people away as the streets were crowded and cars were everywhere. 

This year the organizers managed to detour traffic around downtown so there was no traffic passing through the show.  Between our rests to cool off and hydrate we managed to cover nearly every parking lot and avenue within the perimeter and saw a bunch of rides we hadn’t previously encountered.  A red Studebaker Lark sporting a McCullogh supercharger is something, that if you don’t own one, not seen often.  We saw a ’69 Camaro Z28.  Not that interesting right…?  Wrong, its 302-powered and covered in a hue called Burnished Brown  (I think).  Cool stuff.  If you are looking for something very different then how about an AMC Matador or a roots-blown, Volkswagon-powered trike.  Doesn’t get much more off the beaten path than that.  There was a row of late-model mustangs ranging from Fox-body to present all sporting big horsepower and Drag radials with no interior safety tubing. Can you say ‘street-racers’.?  All appeared quite capable of being sent home from the drags due to lack of proper equipment. 

Likely the most interesting find of the day was a 1969 Beetle built by a program within Gateway Community College (part of Kentucky’s KCTCS) called SCRAP Society.  SCRAP stands for ‘Students Creatively Rebuilding, rehabbing, reusing, recycling Automobiles Project’.  The whole deal was built from parts and pieces that came out of at least 4 vehicles and various other sources.  What they ended up with is a 450hp, 450ft/lb big-block-powered rat-roddish hot rod that could be built using nearly anyone’s budget.  It seems like a great program to integrate creativity into their technical curriculum and put a little something extra in the students’ toolbox.  With all this event has to offer you might consider it when looking at events to attend next year.



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5 thoughts on “Cynthiana Rod Run 2014 – Take A Photo Tour Through This Huge and Diverse Show

    1. doug gregory

      I like different. Not too weird and not over done, but different. The brown, 302-powered Z28 is simply not something you see. I’m not into fads and prefer stuff done in timeless tastes, but I do applaud innovation and creativity. I gloss over stuff that is general cookie-cutter. Everyone takes pride in their ride so if there is anything of interest – I’m taking a picture. Bone-stock or the wildest, chopped, dropped, and huffed Pro-streeter will get my lens pointed its way. Took over 500 pictures at Somernites this past weekend and my son took just shy of 200 – most when I was driving. Oh, and I spent some time last night explaining the life and death of AMC to my 8yr-old. I got some new-to-me Johnny Lightnings for my collection and the AMX I bought was listed as a ‘Chrysler ’69 AMX’. Also picked up were a Road Runner, 63 Belvedere 426 Wedge, 57 Chevy Jr. Stocker, and a ’68 Torino Pace car. Not sure how many of these I have now, but all of them come out of the box and sit on a shelf above my desk at work. I do take a few down now and then to play and make engine noises. There’s no future in growing up…


    The cars in ths gallery makes ANGRYJOE a lot less angry…great stuff…really diverse selection of cars…looks like a fun event.

    1. doug gregory

      That’s a compliment well-received. I’m reportedly a ‘chevy guy’, but I like them all when they are done right. Would I consider owning any of them – not really. I know what I know and if I had to fit other stuff in my head the junk I supposedly have in there now will squeeze out my ears. That said – I’d own a ’69-’70 Dart Swinger, 340, 4-speed or a ’69 Torino 428 SCJ coupe. Those are tops on my list for the other camps. Glad Angry Joe is less angry today. 🙂

  2. doug gregory

    Oh, and unless I go to a an all-chevy event (think SCS) you should always see the best representation of makes and models in attendance that I can muster. I only have two feet so I do miss some gems.

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