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Event Gallery: Chryslers at Carlisle 2012 – Huge Gallery of Killer Show Photos!

Event Gallery: Chryslers at Carlisle 2012 – Huge Gallery of Killer Show Photos!

(Photos by Joe Grippo) – It was a sweltering hot weekend in Carlisle, PA but the turnout at the yearly Mopar gathering at the Carlisle fairgrounds was no worse for it. Joe Grippo spent a day with his camera touring Chryslers at Carlisle and sent us this awesome gallery of photos. This is known as one of the premier Chrysler shows in the country and it draws thousands of cars, trucks, and even cool Chrysler Marine pieces to PA. In this gallery you’ll see old stock cars, muscle cars, drag race cars, trucks, station wagons, and a few things that truly are beyond description.

We like to joke with Chrysler guys about their unique quirks, occasional OCD like obsessions with originality, Joe Dirt references, and other light jabs but it is impossible to deny the cool stuff that Chrysler pumped out in their golden years from the mid 1950s through the mid 1970s. As the smallest of the “Big Three” during that era, they took risks and build cars the other companies didn’t have the guts to. Dare we say, more guys secretly lust after rare and unique Mopars than any other brand. This gallery will have you pining for several!

Hit the link below to see our gallery from the 2012 Chryslers at Carlisle show thanks to Joe Grippo!




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4 thoughts on “Event Gallery: Chryslers at Carlisle 2012 – Huge Gallery of Killer Show Photos!

  1. chryco63

    The Thunder II A990 car belongs to my friend Hap Gooder. No-expense-spared restoration, and it has been down the track!

    Also, what was with all the Petty blue cars? Was that this year’s theme car?

  2. Grippo

    The King made an appearance at the fairgrounds on Sunday. He even shipped up one of his cars from his Museum for the building display, the one with the dayglo orange sides. Todd Werner from Florida also had an original Petty Enterprises car there along with some some new stuff outta Petty’s Garage. So yeah, the other Petty blue cars were there to join the fun…

  3. Anthony

    My friend told me the story about that smashed up Fury,weird.
    The car got wrecked in its first few months and stored and never repaired.

  4. Spaceman Spiff

    what an honor to have the wagon as the cover photo! I’m proud to fly the BS colors!!

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