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Pittsburgh World Of Wheels Coverage: More Cars And Trucks From The Show

Pittsburgh World Of Wheels Coverage: More Cars And Trucks From The Show

(Photos by Mike Brooks) – We’re back on this fine Monday with more cars and trucks from the 2016 Pittsburgh World of Wheels. The Autorama/World of Wheels tour weaves its way around the country each year and by doing so it keeps those of us in winter climates sane by allowing us to see cool cars, builds, trucks, and freaky stuff that we’d otherwise never see when locked into our respective shops, burning stuff to keep warm. Mike Brooks was the man on the scene in Pittsburgh and as usual, he kicked some ass while there. The stuff he aimed his camera at is interesting and cool. There are a couple of real show stoppers in this grouping of photos. Chevrolets, Ford, and a bunch of other makes at well. He does not discriminate!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a final blast of photos. For now, enjoy this continuing look at the 2016 Pittsburgh World of Wheels and keep your eyes peeled on the Autorama/World of Wheels schedule to see when they are making a swipe by here you live!

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll on through with the keys –

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3 thoughts on “Pittsburgh World Of Wheels Coverage: More Cars And Trucks From The Show

  1. Donny Chops

    Why the trend in building cars that look like full size Hot Wheels for 8 year olds. Look at that Camaro with the blower higher than the roof. It looks stupid, but to each his own I guess.


    Pittsburgh Convention Center WoW…..That takes me back to my first one in 1982….My old man took me….one of my fondest father/son memories….He had me stand in line to meet the Solid Gold Dancers…Went to another there in 92….good times!


    I know that normally some of the cars are local to the area and I suspect the Thunderbolt that you can see in the back ground of a few of the pictures is one of them. There was/is a speed shop in Aliquippa. American Speed Shop, the owner had a real T-Bolt and it used to sit outside the shop. I used to drool over it in the summers when it would sit outside on Fridays. I assume it was there at that time to get a jump start to Quaker City in Ohio…..

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