More Of The Same Fight: Ford And Ram Keep Ramping Up The Heavy-Duty War

More Of The Same Fight: Ford And Ram Keep Ramping Up The Heavy-Duty War

Ford and Ram are playing cutthroat in the heavy-duty pickup truck market, and both sides are watching the other like a hawk. They’ve been on a serious ramp-up for years, because both sides want to lay claim to being the final say in a pickup truck that doesn’t require a CDL or a move to the medium-duty class to own. How is this working out differently than it did when we first started seeing the escalation three years ago? Simple: take the numbers and keep hitting the addition button like a manic three-year-old.

Here’s the latest updates: Ford is currently swinging the title of having the best-in-class torque with the F-450, a move that already irks FCA because they don’t view the F-450 as a proper competitor in this field, but instead an in-between from a one-ton to heavy duty. The 6.7L PowerStroke diesel in the Super Duty line is cranking out 450 horsepower and 935 ft/lb of torque for 2018, which is ten above last year’s offering and five over Ram’s torque figure. Additionally, a two-wheel-drive F-450 is going to make an appearance, and will be able to haul 34,000 pounds on a gooseneck trailer, a ton and a half more than last year.

But has Ford played a card too soon? The upcoming DT generation of Ram light-duty trucks is on the way, with pilot 1500 series trucks already being spotted by spy photographers, and five pounds-feet of torque can be corrected in the refresh. The Heavy Duty series of Ram trucks is being pushed off at least a year, mainly due to the DT light-duty trucks and the rumored Jeep SUV that uses the same frame architecture needing to come up to speed before resources can be shifted to the heavy-duty stuff. All of the Big Three have done this trick at some point in time during generational changes, so it’s not abnormal. But the question will be if Ram and Cummins can provide an answer to Ford’s continued gauntlet-throwing. 1,000 ft/lb from the factory isn’t far ahead, folks.

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7 thoughts on “More Of The Same Fight: Ford And Ram Keep Ramping Up The Heavy-Duty War

  1. john

    At $70-80 g’s no thanks. Wait a few years and buy a ” lease back” and spend a few bucks on a warrenty.

  2. jase

    Seems like the “1 ton” competition is good for everyone… and as John mentioned they are big money.

    I’ve noticed that the medium duty trucks do not hold their value, and less people want them… so I look at the 450-550 range of trucks.. they may not get the high horsepower engines, but they do get the job done and for a lot less initial cost.. of course no one wants one ether so the resale value is much less as well.

  3. BigDogSS

    How about 500 ft-lbs of torque and 30 MPG for $40,000? I think most people would be happy with that product….

  4. Jeff

    If Dodge would start putting wheel bearings and suspensions under their junk that lasts longer than 50k miles and transmissions that don’t leak

  5. BeaverMartin

    Just imagine if you could choose the engine chassis combo of your choice like the big rigs. Everyone would buy the Cummins with the Chevy/Alison trans in the body style of their choice. Now that would be worth the ludicrous price they charge.

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