Funny Car Chaos 2021 Action Images: More Great Photos From The Throwdown At The Texas Motorplex!

Funny Car Chaos 2021 Action Images: More Great Photos From The Throwdown At The Texas Motorplex!

(Photos by Dave Stoltz) – There’s a strange beauty in chaos, right? Not knowing what’s happening next is exciting and it breaks up the monotonous nature of a familiar activity. Drag racing needs some chaos every now and again. The proof of that statement comes in not only these images but the ones we have shown you and will continue to show you over the next week or so. The Funny Car Chaos event at the Texas Motorplex brought racers and the media from all over America to test their mettle against each other and the result was more than 60 cars running about every configuration you can think of.

There were NHRA “big show” style cars, alcohol funny cars, nitrous funny cars, turbocharged funny cars, and maybe some powered by wind and solar. There were also fuel altereds that set records, blew the boards down, and put on a fantastic show.

Dave Stoltz was there blasting photos and his best captures are shown below!

Hit the images below to expand them and then scroll on to see all these great shots –

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10 thoughts on “Funny Car Chaos 2021 Action Images: More Great Photos From The Throwdown At The Texas Motorplex!

  1. Chas

    Ya know, I fear for our sport. Here ya have 70 Funny Cars, let alone AA/FA’s and Nostalgia Dragsters, yet you have as many folks in the stands as you would get for a Biden speech. Ponderous!

    1. Nate

      The stands appear to be a little sparse, but this series has never run at a national event track before. Having been there first hand, I was actually pretty impressed with the fan turnout. I think this event is going to be even BIGGER next year, with more big names showing up if it doesn’t conflict with the big show schedule, if its still at the Motorplex again.

  2. Kym Fissel

    Just an FYI, we raced that event and there were spectators all over the place all weekend long. I think they said there was an estimated 15,000 people there. If you’ve never been to the Texas Motorplex and seen just how big the stands are, then you have no concept of how many people it will actually hold. This was NOT an NHRA event, so obviously the stands were not going to be full. But I would say 15,000 spectators is a damn good turn out!!

  3. Chas

    Kym, thank you for your observations and bringing that to my attention. And no, I have never had the pleasure of attending an event at Texas Motorplex. I agree that 15,000 people would be a very respectable turn out for a one day race. If that is the total for a three day event, not so much.

  4. LaurenGMarshall

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  5. MeredithJTucker

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