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Gearhead Destination: Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

Gearhead Destination: Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

The whole four-wheel-drive thing is weird. If you’ve never been bombing through the woods or on trails with a 4×4 before, you think nothing of it and kind of dismiss it. The first time you actually do it, though, it’s as bad an automotive addiction as any form of racing.

There are lots of places to go to exercise your 4×4’s prowess but if you are on the East Coast and want to check out a killer park devoted to wheelin’ madness, you need to check out the Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Tremont, Pennsylvania.

This place has 1,700 acres of forest, trails, rock crawling, mud bogging, and camping good ness in the Pennsylvania wilderness. One of those “no one can hear you scream” kind of things, we’re picturing.

The park is open seven days a week with some days being open for everyone and others being limited to people with reservations. They host events and have been serving the 4×4 community since they opened in 2003.

For 30 bucks a day you can wheel your heart out with no fear of being shot at by an angry land owner or written up by a department of environmental protection officer. It’s like going to the drags except way slower and muddier.

Learn more here.

Rausch Creek

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