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GM Performance Parts Reveals Crate Engines up to 550hp, Smog Legal for Any Car!

GM Performance Parts Reveals Crate Engines up to 550hp, Smog Legal for Any Car!

Here’s the big news that GM Performance Parts has been teasing us with for a week or more with sneaky videos on YouTube and other rumors that have been going around: 4 new crate engines will be offered, and all of them are emissions legal for any pre-OBD2 car or truck.

Stay tuned here at BangShift.com for a live feed at 10:45 Pacific time (that’s like NOW, if you’re reading this news item right as it went live) of the news conference from the 2009 SEMA Show to hear all the details for yourself.

Here’s some of the info we have now.

According to Dr. Jamie Meyer and Mike Copeland of GM Performance Parts, the first E-Rod engine package to be made available to the public is the 430 horsepower LS3. Available complete and ready to bolt in, the package will list for just under $9,400, but will likely be available from your local GM Performance Parts dealer for somewhere in the $7,900 range. This kit, along with three others to follow, come complete with wiring harness, ECU, evaporative emmissions components, a throttle pedal (for fly-by-wire control), a mass airflow sensor, exhaust manifolds, and catalytic converters. The only components needed by the installer will be motor mounts, the accessory drive, and an air cleaner assembly, all of which are available from GM Performance Parts and seen in the E-Rod equipped ’55 Chevy below.

The other three E-Rod engine packages will be released starting within
weeks, and include a 315 horsepower 5.3 LS engine, a 505 horsepower LS7
engine, and a 550 horsepower LS8. Each of these crate engine packages
will include the above mentioned components, and will meet all
applicable emmission standards, making them CARB legal for installation
in any pre-OBD2 vehicle (that means ’95 and earlier). 

In addition to makeing cars like third-gen Camaros viable in smog states, these engines will also allow builders of “new” ’69 Camaros,
Dynacorn ’67 Mustangs, Cobra Kit Cars, or street rods to get a legal
title in the state of California. We can’t wait to see how the
aftermarket and builders respond. We commend GM Performance Parts, Dr.
Jamie Meyer, and SEMA for believing in this program and seeing it to

GM E Rod Crate Engine SEMA

SEMA Camaro GM E Rod


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