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Historic Orange Crate 1932 Ford Sedan For Sale on RacingJunk

Historic Orange Crate 1932 Ford Sedan For Sale on RacingJunk

One of the coolest race/show cars of the early 1960s was the “Orange Crate” 1932 Ford sedan, built by a couple of talented guys up in Oregon. Starting life as a race car and then morphing into a nationally known, award winning show machine, the car has survived the years in what appears to be flawless condition and it is currently for sale on RacingJunk.com for the price of $150,000. This car was on the cover of Hot Rod in 1962, twice won the America’s Most Beautiful Competition Car award at the Oakland Roadster Show, and raced at the Winternationals during the same time period.

There are several truly awesome facets to the car. Starting with the engine and trans, which are a Potvin supercharged Olds engine that measures out to about 417ci that is backed by a classic B&M Hydro four-speed automatic. Remember, this car is unrestored, so these are the original pieces that were in the car when it was built back in the early 1960s, no stuff that was yanked out and fixed up. The frame is totally bitchin’ because it is far more like what one would have found under a sprint car of the day, not a drag car. The front end has adjustable suspension, and other advanced tricks of the day, while the rear sports a quick change style axle. The original paint looks great, the body with its molded in fenders, hinged grill, and rear hinged passenger compartment is also stunning.

It is almost hard to believe that this machine was kept in such good shape over the years. How many times have we seen old show cars, hell, even stuff that legends like Ed Roth built, rotting in an alley somewhere? No such fate has befallen this legend! According to the ad, this car was made into an incredibly popular model kit back in the 1960s, which is also a neat part of the story.

They literally don’t build ’em like this anymore. The Orange Crate is one of a kind and it will soon be in the hands of a new owner. We hope that whoever gets possession of this car takes it back out on the show circuit to introduce it’s coolness to the world about 50 years after it took everyone’s breath away the first time in the early 1960s!

Thanks to starterguy for the tip!

LINK: The Orange Crate 1932 Ford Sedan for sale 


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4 thoughts on “Historic Orange Crate 1932 Ford Sedan For Sale on RacingJunk

  1. Rob Ford

    I built the Revell model kit of this car when i was a kid and it left a lasting impression on me, once seen you cannot ever forget the Orange Crate this car has been in my mind since 1962 and that is 50 years ago, awesome.

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