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John Deere Announces Intent To Take “World’s Fastest Lawnmower” Title: Lohnes Will Drive

John Deere Announces Intent To Take “World’s Fastest Lawnmower” Title: Lohnes Will Drive

For the past week, we have been in talks with John Deere CEO Sam Allen, and VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development David Larson, who have decided that John Deere is not going to allow Dixie Choppers to keep the title of “World’s Fastest Lawnmower” any longer. And in a move that honors both Brian and I, they have decided that they would like our own Brian Lohnes behind the wheel and above the mowing deck.

What’s funniest about this whole deal is that Brian and I were talking about Dixie Choppers just a few weeks ago, when I asked how the title of “World’s Fastest Lawnmower” was earned. It turns out Dixie Choppers earned the title by having an actual mowing speed of 15mph. We can do better.

And we’ll soon get the chance, thanks to John Deere. Brian has put together a simple bit of inspiration using his own lawn tractor, and the guys at John Deere hope that they can help to make something that will also turn heads. Plans not only revolve around having the fastest mowing speed, but also going at least 110 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week 2013 with a slightly modified version.

Brian is so excited he can hardly stand it. We’ll have more news coming soon, but in the meantime take a look at Brian’s “Inspiration” Drag Mower.

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9 thoughts on “John Deere Announces Intent To Take “World’s Fastest Lawnmower” Title: Lohnes Will Drive

  1. dw230

    Won’t happen at Speed Week. Try for World of Speed or the Cook Shootout in Sept. Was the Speed Week comment an April Fool’s joke?

  2. Davey

    The problem here is that this is believable. Brian is just about dumb enough to get on top of a lawn tractor at 110 mph on the salt. Even that doesn’t surprise me as Bonneville has not 1, but 2 classes for barstool racers… why not lawn tractors ?

  3. CharlesW

    I will have the tractor at the Galveston County Fair next weekend and we’ll be doing a couple exhibition passes with it, waiting on a new HANS Device to come in, my old one expired 2 months ago so that I can drive it

  4. 75Duster

    You know your a redneck when you drop in a SBC and a set of slicks on a John Deere riding mower.
    You might want to add wheelie bars though.

  5. Tyler

    google “v8johndeere” I built one in 2006 when I was 16years old with a ford flathead v8

  6. Tony

    Dixie Chopper ??? they need to be focused on Bad Boy mowers… that is a bad animal right there

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