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Just Call This One The “Phoenix”: This 2004 Ferrari Enzo Has Gone From Scrap To The Auction Block!

Just Call This One The “Phoenix”: This 2004 Ferrari Enzo Has Gone From Scrap To The Auction Block!

Beautiful, isn’t it? In a sea of Rosso Corsa Ferraris, this Ferrari Enzo looks absolutely stunning in black…er, Nero Daytona. Every bit of detail on this Enzo is amazing, from the factory-fresh wheels to the factory-upgraded interior that now sports power windows, satellite navigation and a thumping Bose stereo, to the custom rear spoiler that is, again, a factory piece. RM Sotheby’s, who is presiding over the auction, is expecting the hammer price of the Enzo to fall somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million dollars in U.S. money. The truth of the matter, though, is that it is nothing short of a miracle that this Ferrari is going to auction at all. According to RM Sotheby’s, this car was “unfortunately damaged in a road accident.”

ferrari_enzo_crash_005 ferrari_enzo_crash_006

We beg to differ: this car was involved in a proper f**king crash. About ten years ago, a drunken idiot named Stefan Eriksson destroyed this Enzo on the Pacific Coast Highway with his equally idiotic friend Trevor Karney in the car with him. According to a video recording taken from inside the car, the Ferrari was pushing 200 miles an hour when things went south. The Enzo went sliding through a pole at an estimated 162 miles an hour, cleaving the car in half and leaving the engine a healthy distance away from the most identifiable section of car (the doors forward). When the cops tried to investigate the scene, Eriksson claimed that he was street-racing a McLaren-Mercedes SLR that Karney had been a passenger in and that the SLR and it’s driver, “Dietrich”, had sped off after the accident. Truth was that it was a one-car show, Eriksson did time in the States after reaching a plea deal that spared him from auto theft and weapons charges, was given a one-way ticket back to Sweden, where he has remained in trouble, with arrests for pouring gasoline over the head of a debtor and stuffing cocaine into his underwear during a traffic stop. Charming guy, ain’t he?



Now, about the Enzo. After the crash, what was left was swept up off of the PCH, loaded up and sent back to Italy. Ferrari Technical Assistance Service deserves full credit for bringing the Enzo not only back to roadworthy condition, but to a stunning level of detail. It is extremely difficult to believe that this is the same car that exploded into pieces in California ten years ago, but it’s true, present and in the flesh. It isn’t everyday that a totaled-out supercar gets a second chance on life but the artisans within Ferrari have done a spectacular job. No telling what it cost to bring this Enzo back to life, or whether RM Sotheby’s predictions for sale are even close to the realm of reality or not. But come February 3rd, 2016, we will know for sure once the Enzo crosses the block in Paris.

Photos: RM Sotheby’s (finished car), WreckedExotics.com (crash photos)

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6 thoughts on “Just Call This One The “Phoenix”: This 2004 Ferrari Enzo Has Gone From Scrap To The Auction Block!

  1. HoosierL98GTA

    With a carfax like that , it would not be worth half the money to me . I don’t care who put it back together.Now in reality with the people that built the car in the first place in charge of building it again , it will be just as good . That would make any differance if it was a corvette . If it fell thru a hole in the foor and got totaled nobady is going to want it except for the fact that it feel thru the floor .

  2. Brendan M

    Cocaine, dousing people in gas(aka attempted murder), speeding around 200mph, auto theft, and weapons charges….
    If this isn’t a case for immigration reform, I don’t know what is.

  3. Richard Wallendal

    Do you believe in bad karma?
    I had a customer in the 70’s who had a 427/425 HP which had been in a friend’s car in which he was killed. Then the motor went into another ride which killed his brother. I told hmm that I would be nervous using that motor in my ride.

  4. gaz monkey

    Watch this clunker turn into a colossal loser at the auction for the current owner.

    As crude prices have collapsed wiping out the saudi and us buyers, even the pristine low mileage versions are selling for short money.

    I wonder if they will put a reserve on this item.

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