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Copart Cadaver: Guess This DeLorean Isn’t Capable Of Going Back To Before The Crash

Copart Cadaver: Guess This DeLorean Isn’t Capable Of Going Back To Before The Crash

Alright, I’ll be straight about it…I loved the DeLorean from the first time I watched Back to the Future. I loved the perfect 1980s lines, the slope-back shape that reminded me of a 1971 Mach 1 crossed with an IROC-Z, the gull-wing doors. I loved the turbine wheels and I loved the noises it made as Doc showed the Time Machine off to Marty in the Hill Valley parking lot. No DeLorean in 1985 sounded like a pissed-off 5.0L Mustang, sadly, but other than that the car was everything I could’ve hoped for in real life. I even came close to pulling the trigger on one in 2009, when a five-speed example showed up on the “lemon lot” at Fort Lewis. Who knows…maybe I would’ve had better luck with the DeLorean than I did with the Dodge Challenger I tried to buy about the same time.

The one notable feature of the DeLorean, the stainless steel body panels, make it an outright bitch to put one back together if you get into a bit of an accident. Which makes us wonder what happened to this manual-trans DMC-12. Any other car, you’d get a new fender, hood, nose cone and trim bits and a weekend’s worth of work and you’d be just fine. Since this is a DMC-12, you aren’t going to find a hood, or a fender, or even a grille without effort or money. Just pricing through DMC Texas, you’re looking at $618 for the fender, $1,345 for the hood, $995 for the nose cone, $462 for the grille, and $62.44 for the “DMC” badge. And that’s just the big parts…the numbers will just add up the more you find needs replacing.

I have a feeling someone will save this car simply because it’s a DeLorean. Could smarter money be set on using this one for parts? Maybe, considering the cost of parts themselves. Infuse your own time machine jokes here…what is an otherwise running and driving car is now walking the razor’s edge between life and death thanks in no small part to what makes it special.

Copart.com link: 1981 DeLorean DMC-12

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3 thoughts on “Copart Cadaver: Guess This DeLorean Isn’t Capable Of Going Back To Before The Crash

  1. OKSnake08

    I get it’s a DeLorean and a niche car so there’s a market but it’s more American Dad than Back to the Future ( yes, there is a DeLorean episode of American Dad) but it’s already at $9100 bid for a sale that doesn’t start til Monday! Coparts value estimates skew to the high side. Not insanely inflated but definitely “just think what you can flip it for fixed!” Valuation aside I’d say at this price it is destined for part out. But hey I could be wrong, sure wouldn’t be the first time

  2. Derrell

    Lots of people IMO, pay stupid money for stuff on there. Then you have all their fees besides, then transportation, if you don’t pay within 3 days late fees, storage fees if not picked up within before a certain time. Then when you get it home and see all the other hidden damage, etc,, your really sick then.
    I watch some of this stuff going overseas & wonder what they can get out of this stuff after all the money spent buying, then getting shipped to their country.

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