Gen 3 HEMI Swap Parts: Holley Alternator Relocation Kit With Alternator

Gen 3 HEMI Swap Parts: Holley Alternator Relocation Kit With Alternator

If you are working on a HEMI swap at the moment, then you know that there are a few challenges to making them fit into everything. While they are a pretty compact engine, and make awesome power, the accessory drive setup can sometimes cause clearance issues in some applications. The alternator in particular can be a real pain in the butt to fit with some frame configurations. And while cutting stuff up is always an option, it isn’t necessarily the good one and that’s why Holley has come out with this new alternator relocation kit. And best of all, it includes a new compact high power alternator that fits in most anything.


One of the challenges with a Gen III Hemi swap is alternator clearance to the frame on the passenger side of the engine. The factory “car style” accessory drive system has the alternator mounted low & it gets into the frame in some applications (i.e. 1972-1993 Dodge D100/D150 swaps). This alternator relocation kit mounts the smaller Holley alternator (197-302) low and inward for extra clearance. Fits Gen III Hemi engines with VVT & “car style” factory accessory drive systems. Steel bracket construction with black powder coated finish. The Holley alternator is smaller & shorter than other alternators and is easy to wire (1-wire style alternator).

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