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Meziere Enterprises Releases Killer New Bottle Clamps For Variety Of Racing Applications

Meziere Enterprises Releases Killer New Bottle Clamps For Variety Of Racing Applications

Clamps may seem like one of the simple items in and on your race car and something that you probably shop at the lowest possible dollar but allow us to gently tell you that if  you’re doing it that way, you are doing it wrong. See, when clamps fail they do not do it in the staging lanes or in the trailer. Nope, they fail when things are going bad. When you desperately need them to be doing their job and they don’t the consequences can be pretty bad for everyone. This is why you need to spend the money on the right stuff. You need to have the quality components from companies like Meziere Enterprises. Without that? Without that you are putting a lot of risk in the wrong place.

Check out these beauties below. Billet machined clamps made to the exact specs of a company that has been producing precision racing and high performance parts for decades. Meziere Enterprises is one of the most respected names in racing because they deliver. The quality of their products is never in question and the same goes for these clamps.

They may seem simple and static but when you need a good clamp, you NEED a good clamp.

Here’s the release from Meziere Enterprises and the info on their new bottle clamps

Escondido, California, May 08, 2017 – We are proud to introduce a line of bottle clamps for use across a wide variety of racing applications. It is a full line of billet aluminum clamps designed so beautifully and efficiently they will satisfy the most demanding customers. We offer clamps for bottles ranging from 2” to 5.25” in diameter. If you require a simple and clean way to affix the clamp to a bar we offer bar clamp accessory packages for a variety of bar diameters as well.

The clamps retail in the $40-$60 range depending on application and as well all know in the world of racing you get what you pay for.

Click the image below to visit the Meziere Enterprises website –


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