AutoMeter Dash Control Expansion For C7 Vette And Late Model GM Trucks

AutoMeter Dash Control Expansion For C7 Vette And Late Model GM Trucks

If you have not already heard of AutoMeter Dash Control you are behind the eight ball and missing one of the coolest plug and play devices ever created for a modern car or truck. We’re not overblowing this. The dash control module plugs into the OBDII port of your late model vehicle and gives you the ability to custom tune the existing display in your vehicle and even add functionality that you didn’t know that it had. Think about using all of the current parameters that your car/truck is monitoring and being able to do things like triggering a warning chime when the oil pressure dips below a certain level or the temp climbs above a certain level. Both of these things are available to AutoMeter Dash Contol users.

You can custom configure the dash to work how you want it to with the provided AutoMeter software and the best part is that it has no adverse effects on your warranty as it does not alter the computer system of the vehicle in any way. You can plug it in when using your vehicle in competition and unplug on Monday morning or leave it plugged in all the time to cruise with that custom dash layout you came up with to suit your needs.

This latest release makes AutoMeter Dash Control available for C7 Corvette owners and late model GM truck owners as well.

Read the release below and see just how cool AutoMeter Dash Control really is:

AutoMeter: DashControl Expansion For K2XX and C7 Corvette

PRESS RELEASE: Sycamore, IL – Auto Meter’s remarkable DashControl™ utilizes your vehicle’s factory display(s) to provide performance information without modification. The ever expanding lineup now includes support for late model GM Trucks (K2XX chassis) and Corvette C7. DashControl™ plugs into the OBDII port and enables you to monitor an extensive list of vehicle specific performance parameters directly on the Driver Information Center (DIC), and on some vehicles, the Nav screen and Heads Up Display as well. Customize the display pages to display performance data you want, where you want it. Because there is no modification to any of the vehicle’s computer systems, it’s 100% warranty friendly and reversible simply by unplugging the device. It’s the easiest, most integrated solution for gauges yet, and takes only seconds to install.

DashControl™ offers customizable alerts as well. Water temp getting too hot or oil pressure dropping? DashControl™ can activate your factory warning chime and display an alert in the DIC at any value you set. Customization is incredibly easy using our intuitive configuration software. Multiple pages of real time data, such as horsepower, torque, 0-60 time, transmission temp, boost pressure, and intake temp. Better still, the system is expandable to add up to two additional analog inputs for parameters not monitored by your vehicle’s computer systems.
K2XX 2014+ Gas Product # DL1061U Applications:

‘14+ Chevy 1500 Silverado
’15+ Chevy 2500/3500 Silverado
‘15+ Chevy Tahoe
’15+ Chevy Suburban
‘14+ GMC 1500 Sierra
’15+ GMC 2500/3500 Sierra
‘15+ GMC Yukon/Yukon XL
’15+ Cadillac Escalade

K2XX 2015+ Diesel Product # DL1065U Applications:
’15+ Chevy 2500/3500 Silverado Duramax
‘15+ GMC 2500/3500 Sierra Duramax

Corvette C7 2014+ Product # DL1066U Applications:
’14+ Chevy Corvette

Click the video to see DashControl in action!

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